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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Medusa Falls7a ***Lead β 24/Mar/13Blacknor South
Do Ixtlan4c *Lead O/S 24/Mar/13Blacknor South
Avenging the Halsewell7b **Lead dog 23/Mar/13Winspit
Hot Beef Injection6a+ **Lead O/S 23/Mar/13Winspit
Birthday Treat5c Lead β 23/Mar/13Winspit
Flashheart Direct6b Lead O/S 23/Mar/13Winspit
Rattlesnake Saloon7b ***Lead RP 19/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Freedom is a Battle (Short)7a ***Lead β 19/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Lycian Highway (Short)6a ***Lead O/S 19/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Mezarlareniza Türkürecem6c+ Lead β 18/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Moby's Dick7a Lead dog 18/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Muskelkater6b Lead O/S 18/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Karinca7a ***Lead dog 18/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Antalya Icin 747 Nolu Ucug (Short)6b+ Lead O/S 17/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Antalya Icin 747 Nolu Ucug7b Lead dog 17/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Abracadabra5a Lead O/S 17/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Babylon5a Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Micha6a+ Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Aman aman5c Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Kiyir Keyir6b+ Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Arabesk7a Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Flintstone (pitch 1)7a+ Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Seek and Destroy7a Lead O/S 15/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Arkadan6b+ Lead O/S 14/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Triologie (Super Short)5c Lead β 14/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Greek Gift7b ***Lead RP 14/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Bone Bridge6a **Lead O/S 14/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Latte Tsunami6c Lead O/S 14/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Welcome Baby6a **Lead O/S 13/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Takoz6b+ **Lead O/S 13/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Toros7b *Lead RP 13/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Ipek Yolu6c Lead O/S 13/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Muhtar6a Lead O/S 12/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
10 Year Anniversary7a *Lead dog 12/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Nirvana6a+ ***Lead β 12/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Karinca7a ***Lead dog 12/Mar/13Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **Lead β 16/Feb/13Blacknor North
Captain Klutz and the Sailors of Fortune6a *Lead O/S 16/Feb/13Blacknor North
Spanner Eyes7b *Lead RP 16/Feb/13Blacknor North
The Burning6b+ **Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
10666b Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Sport 4 All5a Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Kinder Surprise4c Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Surprise Surprise6a *Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Shorty's Dyno7a Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Orangutang Overhang6a+ **Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Steps of Glory5a *Lead O/S 02/Feb/13Australia
Badabim Badaboum6c ***Lead βFelix Coxwell06/Jan/13La Turbie
Suprise6a ***Lead O/SFelix Coxwell06/Jan/13La Turbie
Les Fleurs du Male7a ***Lead RPFelix Coxwell06/Jan/13La Turbie
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