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NameStyleDate Crag name
Flakes and ChipsSent O/S01/Dec/12Roaches Upper Tier
Don's ArÍteSent O/S01/Dec/12Roaches Upper Tier
First Roof LeftSent x27/Oct/12Gardoms Edge
P18 Up To Jug LedgeSent x13/Oct/12Pleasley Vale
Prob 17 (Rockfax 09) Yew Tree WallSent x13/Oct/12Pleasley Vale
Le NezSent x28/Aug/12La Canche aux Merciers
Monks Wall Traverse-27/Jul/12Pleasley Vale
P18 Up To Jug Ledge-27/Jul/12Pleasley Vale
The Arete (Cringing Arete Start)-27/Jul/12Pleasley Vale
Bulge (YTW)Sent x27/Jul/12Pleasley Vale
FlatulenceSent x24/Jul/12Froggatt Edge
The NorthernerSent x24/Jul/12Froggatt Edge
Air BearSent x24/Jul/12Froggatt Edge
Big Business-15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Bull FlakesSent x15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Black AreteSent rpt15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Black WallSent rpt15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Black BulgeSent rpt15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Nobody's BusinessSent rpt15/Jul/12Stanage Plantation
Nobody's BusinessSent x27/May/12Stanage Plantation
Black BulgeSent x27/May/12Stanage Plantation
Black WallSent x27/May/12Stanage Plantation
Black AreteSent x27/May/12Stanage Plantation
Flakes-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Left Slab-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Black Nook Slab-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Up Chips-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Pine Crack-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Pine Slab-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Boss Slab-04/Jul/10Roaches Lower Tier
Crimpy WallSent x19/Jun/10Roaches Upper Tier
Nose ArÍte LeftSent x19/Jun/10Roaches Upper Tier
Nose ArÍte RightSent x19/Jun/10Roaches Upper Tier
Nose MantelSent x19/Jun/10Roaches Upper Tier
Easy Wall-04/Jun/10Roaches Lower Tier
Mantel and Pocket-04/Jun/10Roaches Lower Tier
Summit Arete-04/Jun/10Roaches Lower Tier
Undercut Wall-04/Jun/10Roaches Lower Tier
ScoopSent x29/May/10Cratcliffe Tor
Scoop AreteSent x29/May/10Cratcliffe Tor
The SquirmSent x29/May/10Cratcliffe Tor
Flake ProblemSent x29/May/10Cratcliffe Tor
Junior SlabSent x29/May/10Cratcliffe Tor
Angle AreteSent x22/May/10Robin Hood's Stride
Short AreteSent x03/May/10Burbage South Valley Boulders
Easy FlakeSent x03/May/10Burbage South Valley Boulders
Easy Wall-???/2010Roaches Lower Tier
Snail Crack2nd O/S15/Jun/08Lawrencefield
Gingerbread2nd O/S15/Jun/08Lawrencefield
Pulpit Groove2nd O/S15/Jun/08Lawrencefield