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Logbook for Martin Davies

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Knock OutVS 4c *Lead O/SAlice du Preez03/Oct/14Wilton 1
Rambling RouteVD *2nd O/SAlice du Preez03/Oct/14Wilton 1
FingernailS 4a **Lead O/SAlice du Preez03/Oct/14Wilton 1
Mohammed the Mad Monk of Moorside Home for Mental MisfitsVS 4c ***Lead O/SAlice du Preez28/Sep/14Denham Quarry
Mohammed the Medieval MelancholicHVS 5a **Lead O/SAlice du Preez28/Sep/14Denham Quarry
Step in the CloudsS 4b *2nd O/SAlice du Preez28/Sep/14Denham Quarry
Side-stepHS 4b Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
Alldred's OriginalVD Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
Whittaker's OriginalHS 4a **Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
MeanwhileS 4a Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
BecauseHS 4a Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
NightmareVS 4b *Solo dnf 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
ElaineHVS 5c Solo dnf 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
WedgeHS 4b *Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
Glister WallS 4a *Solo O/S 31/Aug/14Anglezarke Quarry
Born to Run6b+ *Lead O/SMatt Harris24/Aug/14Scout Scar
Leather Pets6c+ *Lead O/SMatt Harris24/Aug/14Scout Scar
Ivy League7a+ **Lead dogMatt Harris24/Aug/14Scout Scar
Ivy League7a+ **Lead dogMatt Harris24/Aug/14Scout Scar
Digitationf6A 5c **Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Infernof5 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Dragnetf4 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Haskit Left-handf5+ (5c) *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Haskit Right-handf5 (5b) Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Laybackf5 5b *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Ash Pit Slabf3 vd Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Ash Pit Traversef5 4c **Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Ash Pit Slab Directf4 4a *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Parr's Crackf6A 5c **Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Nexusf4 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Wibblef5 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Analoguef4+ 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Hopperf4 4c Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Scraperf5 5b Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Corn Mantelf5+ 5b Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Parabolaf5+ (5b) *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Directissimaf6A 5c *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Unjustf6A 6a Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Degree Crackf4+ 5a *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Herniaf5+ (5a) Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Lobotomyf5 (5a) Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Slimerf5+ (5b) *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Brownstones Crackf3 vd Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Moss Wallf5+ 4c *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Verdi Rampf5 4b *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Verdi Cornerf4 4a *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Verdigrisf6A+ (6a) *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Verdi Wallf5 (5a) *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Two Step left-handf5+ (5b) Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
Two Stepf4 4b *Sent O/S 16/Aug/14Brownstones
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