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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Moy Bueno6b **Lead rpt20/Sep/15Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Pebbledash6b **Lead O/S20/Sep/15Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Kitemark6c **Lead O/S20/Sep/15Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Magnifascent6a+ Lead O/S20/Sep/15Moy Rock (Dingwall)
The Clansman7a+ *Lead dog20/Sep/15Moy Rock (Dingwall)
Too Old to Be Famous7b **Lead RP19/Sep/15Goat Crag
The Combo7a+ **Lead β19/Sep/15Goat Crag
Hydrotherapy6c+ ***Lead O/S19/Sep/15Goat Crag
Caberfeidh6b **Lead O/S19/Sep/15Goat Crag
Snow Flake7a+ ***Lead β18/Sep/15Goat Crag
Tom Paines Bones6c **Lead β18/Sep/15Goat Crag
Teepee6a+ **Lead β18/Sep/15Goat Crag
Mac Talla7b ***Lead dog18/Sep/15Goat Crag
Young mans link7a *Lead β18/Sep/15Goat Crag
Railway Children7c ***Lead dog23/Aug/15Creag A'Bhancair
Skullduggery6c **Lead rpt19/Aug/15Rob's Reed
Car Pit Baggers7a+ **Lead rpt19/Aug/15Rob's Reed
One Foot In The Door7a *Lead rpt19/Aug/15Rob's Reed
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt11/Aug/15Balmashanner Quarry
Half the Battle7a *Lead rpt11/Aug/15Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt11/Aug/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Comfort Machine6c+ *Lead rpt11/Aug/15Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Off the Couch6c Lead rpt29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Couch into Gravities7b *TR dog29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Gravity's Rainbow8a *Lead dnf29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Niche8a+ ***Lead dog29/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Death is a Gift8a ***Lead dnf25/Jul/15Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Fretting over nothing7a+ **Lead rpt22/Jul/15Rob's Reed
Car Pit Baggers7a+ **Lead rpt22/Jul/15Rob's Reed
Dirty Harry6b **Lead rpt22/Jul/15Rob's Reed
Skullduggery6c **Lead rpt22/Jul/15Rob's Reed
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt21/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt21/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Niche8a+ ***Lead dog21/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt19/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt19/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Le Bon Vacance7a **Lead rpt19/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Niche8a+ ***Lead dog19/Jul/15Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt27/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt27/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Half the Battle7a *Lead rpt27/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Comfort Machine6c+ *Lead rpt27/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Niche8a+ ***Lead dog27/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Start the Fire6b+ **Lead rpt17/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for Lycra6c+ **Lead rpt17/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Le Bon Vacance7a **Lead rpt17/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
Half the Battle7a *Lead rpt17/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry
The Niche8a+ ***Lead dog17/Jun/15Balmashanner Quarry