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NameStyleDate Crag name
Bird BrainLead dog28/Sep/14Kilnsey
ComedyLead dog28/Sep/14Kilnsey
DominatrixTR dog27/Sep/14Kilnsey
DominatrixLead dog26/Sep/14Kilnsey
Start the FireLead rpt21/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for LycraLead rpt21/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Le Bon VacanceLead rpt21/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Half the BattleLead rpt21/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
The Comfort MachineLead rpt21/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Death is a GiftLead dog20/Sep/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
The Weakest LinkTR20/Sep/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
SufferanceLead dog13/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Delivery ManLead dog10/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Start the FireLead rpt10/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for LycraLead rpt10/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Half the BattleLead rpt10/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Bad AttitudeLead RP06/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
UnforgivenLead RP06/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
UbuntuLead RP31/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Inverarnie SchwarzeneggerLead rpt31/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Start the FireLead rpt27/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for LycraLead rpt27/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Half the BattleLead rpt27/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Whinging consultantsLead dog24/Aug/14Brin Rock
The one and onlyLead rpt24/Aug/14Brin Rock
Captains of crushLead rpt24/Aug/14Brin Rock
OverdoseLead rpt24/Aug/14Brin Rock
Little Po BeepLead rpt20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
The Sheep of Things to come...Lead rpt20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
SkullduggeryLead rpt20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Car Pit BaggersLead rpt20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Stone of DestinyLead rpt16/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
UbuntuLead dog16/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Stone of DestinyLead rpt09/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
UbuntuLead dog09/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Start the FireLead rpt05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for LycraLead rpt05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Half the BattleLead rpt05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
The Comfort MachineLead rpt05/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
NefertitiSent β02/Aug/14Ruthven Boulder
OutstandingSent β02/Aug/14Ruthven Boulder
The Big LebowskiSent dnf02/Aug/14Ruthven Boulder
Neil ArmstrongSent O/S02/Aug/14Ruthven Boulder
Stone of DestinyLead rpt02/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
UbuntuLead dog02/Aug/14Creag Nan Clag (The Camel)
Start the FireLead rpt30/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry
ManifestationsLead dog30/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry
Hell Bent for LycraLead rpt30/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry
Le Bon VacanceLead rpt30/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry
Half the BattleLead rpt30/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry