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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Guillotine (aka Double Overhead Cam)5.9 **Lead O/S01/Sep/15Rose Ledges
Curving Crack5.9 5b *Lead05/Jun/15Castle Rock
Coffin Crack5.10b *Lead05/Jun/15Castle Rock
Cussin' Crack5.7 *Lead05/Jun/15Castle Rock
Outer Space5.10b 5b, 5b ***AltLd03/Jun/15Eldorado Canyon
Blind Faith5.10a ***AltLd03/Jun/15Eldorado Canyon
Hair City5.9 ***AltLd03/Jun/15Eldorado Canyon
Hotel California22 ***AltLd O/S28/Apr/15Pierces Pass
On Both Sides of the Glass18 **AltLd O/S27/Apr/15Narrowneck
Toll16 **AltLd O/S27/Apr/15Narrowneck
Progress Comes to Shitsville22 **Lead O/S20/Apr/15Mount Alexandra
The Nose in 4 Minutes22 **Lead O/S20/Apr/15Mount Alexandra
Fribble19 **Lead O/S15/Apr/15Bomaderry Creek
Elspeth14 Lead O/S16/Mar/15Point Perpendicular
Grey Mist17 ***Lead O/S16/Mar/15Point Perpendicular
Country Special20 *Lead O/S01/Mar/15Shipley Upper
The Bandoline Grip18 *Lead O/S01/Mar/15Shipley Upper
Nude Tuesday18 Lead O/S01/Mar/15Shipley Upper
These People are Sandwiches22 **Lead dog01/Mar/15Shipley Upper
Euphoria22 ***Lead O/S28/Feb/15Wingello
Drank The Slab18 **Lead O/S28/Feb/15Wingello
Laced With Crack18 ***Lead O/S28/Feb/15Wingello
Determinant15 *AltLd dnf24/Feb/15Booroomba Rocks
Los Hermanos de la Denitente23 ***Lead RP20/Feb/15Mount Alexandra
Smellie Crack20 **Lead O/S04/Jan/15Wye Creek
Alien ressurection16 hvs *Lead O/S04/Jan/15Wye Creek
88 Chocolate Treats18 **Lead O/S04/Jan/15Wye Creek
Bigger Than Big17 **Lead O/S04/Jan/15Wye Creek
Dream Thing6b+ **Lead O/S04/Jan/15Wye Creek
Speed Boat Wankers23 ***Lead O/S28/Nov/14Thompsons Point
Shifting Sands21 **Lead O/S28/Nov/14Thompsons Point
A Day At The Beach21 ***Lead O/S28/Nov/14Thompsons Point
Mosquito Slap21 *Lead O/S28/Nov/14Thompsons Point
Electric Blue19 ***Lead O/S08/May/14Bardens Lookout
The Obituary14 **Lead O/S30/Mar/14Mount york
Boiled Lobster10 Solo O/S20/Mar/14Point Perpendicular
Sea Legs12 Solo O/S20/Mar/14Point Perpendicular
Over the Yardarm14 Lead O/S20/Mar/14Point Perpendicular
Urban Spaceman14 Lead O/S20/Mar/14Point Perpendicular
Sympatico16 Lead O/S20/Mar/14Point Perpendicular
Bunny Bucket Buttress18 ***Lead O/S19/Mar/14Pierces Pass
Corner from Heaven.18 *Lead O/S28/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Vox Populi18 **Lead O/S28/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Thomas the Tank20 *Lead O/S28/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Snooze and You Lose16 *Lead O/S14/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Judas Escariot21 *Lead dog14/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Dorothy the Dinosaur17 *Lead O/S14/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Three and a Half Thousand20 ***Lead O/S14/Jan/14Mount Alexandra
Bastille Crack5.7 4c ***AltLd03/Sep/13Eldorado Canyon
Kens Crack5.7 **Lead21/May/13The Trapps (Shawangunks)