45 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Terrier's ToothHS 4b ***Solo05/Mar/14Chair Ladder
Shadow WalkerE3 6a ***Lead O/S??/Jul/06Exmansworthy
Autumn FlakesHS 4b **-???/2005Bosigran
BroadstairsE2 5b -???/2005Bosigran
ParagonHVS 5a **-???/2005Bosigran
ParadiseE1 5c -???/2005Bosigran
NamelessVS 4c *-???/2005Bosigran
BeowulfE2 5c **-???/2005Bosigran
The PhantomE3 5c *-???/2005Bosigran
Suicide WallE1 5c ***-???/2005Bosigran
The GhostE3 5b ***-???/2005Bosigran
Bow WallE2 5b ***-???/2005Bosigran
DoorpostHS 4b ***-???/2005Bosigran
Doorpost variationHVS 5b -???/2005Bosigran
Thin Wall SpecialE1 5b **-???/2005Bosigran
Toad Wall SpecialE3 6a -???/2005Bosigran
Little Brown JugVS 5a ***-???/2005Bosigran
Visions of JohannaE1 5b *-???/2005Bosigran
DoorwayS 4a *-???/2005Bosigran
ClobVD -???/2005Bosigran
VenusbergVS 4c *-???/2005Bosigran
Anvil ChorusVS 4c **-???/2005Bosigran
Ledge ClimbVD *-???/2005Bosigran
AndrewVD -???/2005Bosigran
The WastelandHVS 5b -???/2005Bosigran
MarkHS 4b -???/2005Bosigran
T-TourHVS 5b -???/2005Bosigran
TrapezeHVS 5a -???/2005Bosigran
The Peck VariantHVS 5a -???/2005Bosigran
Big TopVD *-???/2005Bosigran
Flat TopHS 4b -???/2005Bosigran
Simple SimonHS 4b -???/2005Bosigran
Crazy Man MichaelVS 4c -???/2005Bosigran
PaulineHS 4b -???/2005Bosigran
SampanVD -???/2005Bosigran
PicnicVS 5a -???/2005Bosigran
OreadVD -???/2005Bosigran
Oread BypassVD -???/2005Bosigran
In-BetweenVD -???/2005Bosigran
KateVD -???/2005Bosigran
Alison RibD *-???/2005Bosigran
FafnirD -???/2005Bosigran
FasoltVD -???/2005Bosigran
Diamond TiaraHVS 5b *-???/2005Bosigran
String of PearlsE1 5b **-???/2005Bosigran