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Logbook for Nigel R Lewis

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Bulkhead RouteD 2nd 04/May/14Moel Y Gest - Foremast and...
Monkey's Island DirectS Lead 04/May/14Moel Y Gest - Foremast and...
SlippersVD 2nd 03/May/14Holyhead Mountain
D'ElephantVD *Lead 03/May/14Holyhead Mountain
First Stop5a LeadSteve Kedward02/May/14Bus Stop Quarry
Septuagenarian6a *LeadSteve Kedward02/May/14Bus Stop Quarry
The Big Easy4a LeadSteve Kedward02/May/14Bus Stop Quarry
Jagged Face4a LeadSteve Kedward02/May/14Bus Stop Quarry
Toubkalsummit Solo 04/Apr/14Toubkal
NemoVS 4b *LeadSteve Kedward14/Sep/13Boiler Slab
AyeshaVS 4c 2ndSteve Kedward14/Sep/13Boiler Slab
PhilandererVS 4c LeadSteve Kedward31/Aug/13Morlais Quarries
Maul IceS 2ndSteve Kedward31/Aug/13Morlais Quarries
Noviciate(morlais)S s LeadSteve Kedward31/Aug/13Morlais Quarries
Hawthorn WallS 4a 2ndSteve Kedward31/Aug/13Morlais Quarries
Central GrooveS LeadSteve Kedward31/Aug/13Morlais Quarries
Frege's GrundgesetzeVD Solo 28/Aug/13Nash Point
Zumsteinspitze (South-East Ridge)F AltLdSteve Kedward17/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Dufourspitze (South-East Ridge)AD AltLdSteve Kedward17/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Zumsteinspitze (North Ridge)PD+ AltLdSteve Kedward17/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Corno Nero (North-West Flank)PD AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Ludwigshöhe (South-West Ridge)F AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Ludwigshöhe (North Side or North-East Ridge)F AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Parrotspitze (West Ridge)PD AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Parrotspitze (North-East Ridge)F AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Signalkuppe (West Flank)F AltLdSteve Kedward16/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
Piramide Vincent (North-North-West Flank)F AltLdSteve Kedward15/Aug/13Monte Rosa Group
South-East RidgeF **AltLdSteve Kedward14/Aug/13Castor
West-North-West FlankPD *AltLdSteve Kedward14/Aug/13Castor
South-West Ridge to West SummitPD *AltLdSteve Kedward14/Aug/13Lyskamm
East RidgeAD AltLdSteve Kedward14/Aug/13Lyskamm
Traverse East-WestAD ***AltLdSteve Kedward14/Aug/13Lyskamm
Half Traverse (Western Half)AD- ***AltLdSteve Kedward13/Aug/13Breithorn
Route CVF4B SoloSteve Kedward12/Aug/13Via Ferrata - Mammut - Zermatt
West RidgeF SoloSteve Kedward11/Aug/13Stockhorn
East RidgeAD+ AltLdSteve Kedward10/Aug/13Riffelhorn
Mauk WallS 4a LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Sheepbone Wall
Curving CrackHS 4b LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Sheepbone Wall
SkullHS 4b LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Sheepbone Wall
Great DeidreS 4a *LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Sheepbone Wall
Pistas CanuteVS 4b LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Sheepbone Wall
StardustHS 4a LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Rhossili
Wedgling5a LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Wedge Wall
Wedge-egade Master5c LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Wedge Wall
Wedge Dew Bin5a LeadLee Davies19/Jul/13Wedge Wall
Cato And the Hunchback DisguiseVS 4c *LeadSteve Kedward17/Jul/13Box Bay
Lemon ChickenVS 4c 2ndSteve Kedward17/Jul/13Box Bay
Up And DownD Solo 17/Jul/13Box Bay
Estuary Scum On The Welsh RivieraHVS 5b LeadSteve Kedward17/Jul/13Box Bay
Sunday OutingVS 4c LeadSteve Kedward17/Jul/13Box Bay
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