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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Sunset Arete f7C Sent 12/Aug/15 Rocklands
Sunset Traverse f7A *** Sent 10/Aug/15 Rocklands
A Question of Balance f7B ** Sent 10/Aug/15 Rocklands
Zanzibar f7B+ Sent 06/Aug/15 Rocklands
Last day in Paradise f7C Sent 04/Aug/15 Rocklands
Fat Cat Roof f7C *** - 25/Jun/15 Dinas Rock
The Blessing f7A Sent 20/Sep/14 Dinas Rock
Shamu f7B+ ** - 18/Sep/14 Dinas Rock
Taylor Made f7C * - 18/Sep/14 Dinas Rock
The Life of Fyfe f7B+ *** Sent 15/Sep/14 Dinas Rock
Powerhumps (hard way) f7B+ * - 10/May/14 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Rattle and Hump Start f7A+ * - 10/May/14 Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Toccami Tutta f7A+ Sent 01/Nov/13 Cresciano
Voci dalla Cantina f7B+ ** Sent 01/Nov/13 Cresciano
Auto Pilot f7B *** Sent 31/Oct/13 Chironico
Bella Gnocca f7B ** Sent 30/Oct/13 Chironico
Tomahawk f7B Sent 30/Oct/13 Chironico
Power Ranger f7B+ Sent 30/Oct/13 Chironico
Doctor Med Dent f7B *** - 29/Oct/13 Chironico
Vitruvian Man f7C *** Sent 29/Oct/13 Chironico
Triade Extended f7A+ ** Sent 28/Oct/13 Chironico
Triade f7A Sent 28/Oct/13 Chironico
Swinger Club f7A+ Sent 28/Oct/13 Chironico
Hopper f7A Sent 28/Oct/13 Chironico
Arabald f7B * Sent 27/Oct/13 Chironico