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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Heart By-pass E4 5c ** Lead β ?? Lower Sharpnose Point
Wraith E4 6a ** Lead O/S ?? Lower Sharpnose Point
God Forbid E4 6b ** Lead G/U ?? Roche Rock
National Diploma in Outdoor Education E3 6b * Sent x ?? Roche Rock
NVQ in Origami E2 5c Solo O/S ?? Roche Rock
Porky VS 4c ** Solo O/S ?? Roche Rock
Lord Falmouth E1 5b * Solo O/S ?? Roche Rock
Shorty's Folly HVS 4c ** Solo O/S ?? Roche Rock
Matchless E1 5b *** 2nd O/S ?? Oldwalls' Point
More than a Match E3 5c *** Lead O/S ?? Oldwalls' Point
Avalonia E1 5a ** DWS O/S ?? Lookout Station Cave
The Wave 6c *** DWS O/S ?? Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
The Wizard of Oz 7b *** DWS ?? Berry Head (The Old Redoubt)
Ready Brek Direct E4 6a * Lead ?? Daddyhole Main Cliff
Ready Brek Direct E4 6a * Lead ?? Daddyhole Main Cliff
Dream Liberator E3 6a *** AltLd O/S ?? Great Zawn
Stratosmentum E4 5c *** 2nd O/S ?? Trewethet Cliff (North)
Shai-Hulud E3 5b ** Lead O/S ?? Grower Quarry
Worm Sign E4 5c ** 2nd O/S ?? Grower Quarry
Aprez-vous E1 5b ** AltLd O/S ?? Carn Gowla
Nativity HVS 5a Lead O/S ?? Carn Gowla
Harvestman E5 6a * Lead β ?? Chudleigh Rocks
Lost Horizon VS 5a *** Solo O/S ?? Baggy Point
Undercracker E1 5a ** 2nd O/S ?? Baggy Point
Terrapin E3 5b ** Lead O/S ?? Baggy Point