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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Le Castor Bricoleur5.7 Lead O/SLouis Proulx25/Sep/11Grand Canyon
La Belle de Cadix5.7 Lead dogLouis Proulx25/Sep/11Grand Canyon
La Tactique Gendarme5.6 Lead O/SLouis Proulx25/Sep/11Grand Canyon
Madame la Marquise5.6 Lead O/SLouis Proulx25/Sep/11Grand Canyon
West Ridge5.4 ***AltLd O/SDwayne Bunka, Steve Dods02/Aug/11Pigeon Spire
Le Sacre du Printemps5.9 TR rptKaren Choy28/Aug/10Grand Canyon
Combustion Lente5.8 TR O/SKaren Choy28/Aug/10Grand Canyon
Le "Speech"de Gaetan5.8 TR O/SKaren Choy28/Aug/10Grand Canyon
Les Petits Chiens "Zigneurs"5.11c TR dogJan Andrews28/Aug/10Grand Canyon
Triplets5.7 Lead O/SJan Andrews28/Aug/10Grand Canyon
Diamonds Aren't Forever5.10c **2nd dogSteve21/Aug/10Spanky's Area - Sunshine City
Bee Hold5.8 ***2nd O/SSteve21/Aug/10Spanky's Area - Sunshine City
WMP5.7 **Lead O/SMarc Charbonneau21/Aug/10Spanky's Area - Sunshine City
Formication & Mac's Book5.6 *Lead O/SNancy Lee01/Aug/10Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Red Groove5.1 *Lead O/SNancy Lee31/Jul/10Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Cool Corner5.4 Lead O/SNancy Lee31/Jul/10Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Dièdre des Pompons4c AltLd O/SJon Moulding16/Jul/10Les Gaillands
Le Compas4c AltLd O/SJon Moulding16/Jul/10Les Gaillands
L'éperon Claret6a Lead O/SJon Moulding16/Jul/10Les Gaillands
3 (Forestiers Right)5c 2nd O/SJon Moulding16/Jul/10Les Gaillands
NE Ridge (ordinary route)PD AltLdJon Moulding15/Jul/10Aiguille d'Entreves
SW face (normal route)AD ***2nd dnfJon Moulding14/Jul/10Dent du Geant
West RidgeAD ***2nd dnfJon Moulding14/Jul/10Aiguille de Rochefort
North-West RidgePD AltLd O/SJon Moulding12/Jul/10Mont Blanc de Courmayeur
North SlopePD+ *Lead O/SJon Moulding12/Jul/10Mont Maudit
North-West FacePD **Lead O/SJon Moulding12/Jul/10Mont Blanc du Tacul
Three Monts route / Trois MontsPD *Lead O/SJon Moulding12/Jul/10Mont Blanc
Il RocPD Lead O/SJon Moulding09/Jul/10Gran Paradiso
West Flank - Voie Normale - from Vittorio Emmanuel IIPD- *Lead O/SJon Moulding09/Jul/10Gran Paradiso
North FaceAD+ 2nd O/SJon Moulding08/Jul/10Ciarforon
North-East RidgePD Lead O/SJon Moulding07/Jul/10Becca Di Monciair
Owl Crack5.6 *Lead O/SMarc Charbonneau20/Jun/10Owls Head Mountain - Keene
Wind Song5.6 *Lead dogMarc Charbonneau20/Jun/10Owls Head Mountain - Keene
Hooters5.6 *Lead dogMarc Charbonneau20/Jun/10Owls Head Mountain - Keene
Regular Route5.5 Lead O/SMarc Charbonneau19/Jun/10Chapel Pond Slab
Birthday Ridge5.1 ***Lead O/SJulio Velandia15/May/10Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Yellow Groove5.4 AltLd O/SJulio Velandia20/Sep/09Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Afternoon Delight5.4 **Lead O/SJulio Velandia20/Sep/09Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
One Pine5.3 ***AltLd O/SJulio Velandia19/Sep/09Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
The Front of the Pinnacle5.4 **AltLd O/SJulio Velandia19/Sep/09Mazinaw (Bon Echo) Rock
Corno Nero (North-West Flank)PD 2nd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Ludwigshöhe (South-West Ridge)F AltLd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Piramide Vincent (North-North-West Flank)F AltLd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Zumsteinspitze (South-East Ridge)F AltLd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Signalkuppe (West Flank)F AltLd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Parrotspitze (West Ridge)PD AltLd O/SJon Moulding07/Aug/09Monte Rosa Group
Traverse East-WestAD ***AltLd O/SJon Moulding06/Aug/09Lyskamm
South-West Ridge to West SummitPD *AltLdJon Moulding06/Aug/09Lyskamm
East RidgeAD AltLdJon Moulding06/Aug/09Lyskamm
West-North-West FlankPD *2nd O/SJon Moulding05/Aug/09Castor
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