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NameStyleDate Crag name
Evening Wall-???/2012Dinas Rock
Jeepers Creepers-???/2012Dinas Rock
Fromage Frais-???/2012Dinas Rock
Cheesy Rider-???/2012Dinas Rock
Creme de Rockfall-???/2012Dinas Rock
Scraping The Barrel-???/2012Dinas Rock
Tapping The Keg-???/2012Dinas Rock
Pinheads-???/2012Dinas Rock
The Dumbfounded Dunderhead-???/2012Dinas Rock
Smeg Head-???/2012Dinas Rock
Bone Head-???/2012Dinas Rock
Tithead-???/2012Dinas Rock
Connect One-???/2012Dinas Rock
South West Guru-???/2012Dinas Rock
Fings Ain't What They Used To Be-???/2012Dinas Rock
Family Values-???/2012Dinas Rock
The Road To Eldorado-???/2012Dinas Rock
Gorilliant-???/2012Dinas Rock
The Brown Dirt Cowboy-???/2012Tirpentwys
Mucky Ducky-???/2012Tirpentwys
The tactless teacher-???/2012Tirpentwys
Mental Mantles-???/2012Tirpentwys
Diamond Dog-???/2012Tirpentwys
The Chimney Finish-???/2012Tirpentwys
As It Was-???/2012The Gap
Kabuto Mushi-???/2012The Gap
Mr. Faraday-???/2012The Gap
Poker In The Eye-???/2012The Gap
Crimes Of Fashion-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Pine Tree-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Organised Chaos-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Taurus Bulbous-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Bulbus Tara-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Hirsuit Ulvula-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Mega Mix-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Gwesty Cymru 7" Mix-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Wet Afternoon-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Unnamed #8-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Ulrika Ka Ka Ka-???/2012Taffs Well Main
D'ya Hear Ma Dear-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Good Gear,Good Cheer-???/2012Taffs Well Main
No Beer, No Fear-???/2012Taffs Well Main
Clart's Free Dragon Taxi Ride to Visit Nan Hussein-???/2012Taffs Well West
Affluenza-???/2012Taffs Well West
Honeybucket Supreme-???/2012Taffs Well West
Faster! Pussycat-???/2012Taffs Well West
Tinkers Dog-???/2012Taffs Well West
Full Metal Jacket-???/2012Taffs Well West