42 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Colonel BlimpVD Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
Southern Death CultVS 4c Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
El CapitainHS 4c Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
Crystal TippsVS 5a Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
PongoesS Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
Big BootsD Lead19/Mar/07Downholme Quarry
Brown Slabs DirectVD ***Lead18/Mar/07Shepherds Crag
Havers CrackS Lead17/Mar/07The Hoff
Pig MeatHS 4a Lead17/Mar/07The Hoff
SaxonS Lead17/Mar/07The Hoff
MojoMS TR17/Mar/07The Hoff
Cubic CornerMVS 4b **Lead22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
Square RootHS 4b *Lead22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
Heather Wall VariantHS 4b Lead22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
Heather WallS 4a *Lead22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
Great SlabHVD 3c *2nd22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
CyclopsHVD 3c Lead22/Sep/06Brimham Rocks
The RibHVS 4c *-21/Sep/06Gowder Crag
The Hog's BackD *-21/Sep/06Gowder Crag
Jackdaw RidgeD *Lead20/Sep/06Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs CrackVS 4c **Lead20/Sep/06Shepherds Crag
Brown SlabsD **Lead20/Sep/06Shepherds Crag
Fishers FollyVS 4c ***2nd20/Sep/06Shepherds Crag
Christmas CrackerHS Lead03/Jun/06Tilberthwaite Quarry
Big CrackVS 4b TR03/Jun/06Tilberthwaite Quarry
Tuxedo JunctionVS 4b TR03/Jun/06Tilberthwaite Quarry
SolitaireVD Lead08/Aug/04Rivelin Edge
Jelly BabyHVS 5b Lead08/Aug/04Rivelin Edge
FumfVS 5a *Lead08/Aug/04Rivelin Edge
Double CrackVD *Lead27/Jul/04Castle Naze
Easy CrackD Lead27/Jul/04Castle Naze
Overhanging Chockstone CrackVD *Lead27/Jul/04Castle Naze
LaybackHVD Lead27/Jul/04Castle Naze
Central TowerVD *Lead27/Jul/04Castle Naze
CentreHVD 3c *2nd05/Jun/04Windgather Rocks
High Buttress AreteD **2nd05/Jun/04Windgather Rocks
Mississippi CrackS 4a **Lead05/Jun/04Windgather Rocks
Chimney and CrackVD Lead05/Jun/04Windgather Rocks
Cheese BlockVS 4b *2nd08/Jan/01Wharncliffe Crags
Forget-me-notS 4a 2nd08/Jan/01Wharncliffe Crags
Quern CrackS 4a Lead08/Jan/01Wharncliffe Crags
Cheese Cut CrackD Lead08/Jan/01Wharncliffe Crags