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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Crabbie's CrackHVS 5a ***Lead28/Sep/15The Five Clouds
RubberneckHVS 5a ***Lead28/Sep/15The Five Clouds
Private DisplayE1 5b *Lead O/S28/Sep/15The Five Clouds
Jeffcoat's ButtressHS 5a **Lead O/S28/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
The SlothHVS 5a ***Lead rpt28/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Central RouteVS 4b **Lead rpt28/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Right Hand RouteHS 4c **Lead O/S28/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
DelstreeHVS 5a ***Lead O/S27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
Central Climb DirectVS 5a **Lead O/S27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
ModernS 4a **2nd27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
Bachelor's Left-handHVS 5b ***Lead dog27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
Rainbow CrackVS 5a ***Lead27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
Bachelor's ClimbVS 4c ***Lead27/Sep/15Hen Cloud
HawkwingE1 5b ***Lead dog26/Sep/15Roaches Lower Tier
Grilled FingersHVS 4c 2nd26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Roscoe's WallHVS 5b **2nd26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Kelly's DirectE1 5b **Lead O/S26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
HumdingerE1 5b *2nd26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Saul's CrackHVS 5a ***Lead rpt26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Diamond WednesdayHVS 5a *Lead O/S26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
Jelly RollVS 4b *2nd26/Sep/15Roaches Upper Tier
SkinheadHVS 5a 2nd25/Sep/15Subluminal
FredaVS 5a ***2nd25/Sep/15Subluminal
SpreadeagleVS 5a *Lead rpt25/Sep/15Subluminal
Slip RoadVS 4c *Lead rpt25/Sep/15Subluminal
BalconyHS 4b **2nd25/Sep/15Subluminal
PuffinVS 5a *Lead O/S25/Sep/15Subluminal
Scarlett's ChimneyHS 4b *2nd11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Kremlin KrackHVS 5a **Lead rpt11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Left EdgeHVS 4c *2nd11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Better Late Than NeverE1 5a Lead O/S11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
The Brush OffE4 5c ***TR11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Party AnimalE3 5c *TR11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Fringe BenefitE1 5b **TR11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
NonsuchE1 5b **Lead dog11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Croton OilHVS 5a ***2nd11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Blizzard RidgeHVS 5a ***Lead11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
Jonathan's ChimneyHS 4b *2nd11/Aug/15Rivelin Edge
The DalesmanHVS 5a *Lead10/Aug/15Stanage North
Where did my Tan Go?HVS 5a *2nd10/Aug/15Stanage North
Inaccessible CrackVS 4c **Lead10/Aug/15Stanage North
High Neb EdgeHVS 5c *TR10/Aug/15Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***2nd10/Aug/15Stanage North
Kelly's OverhangHVS 5b ***Lead dog10/Aug/15Stanage North
MaupassantHVS 5a ***2nd10/Aug/15Curbar Edge
Green CrackHVS 5b ***Lead10/Aug/15Curbar Edge
P.M.C.1HS 4a ***2nd10/Aug/15Curbar Edge
Route 1S 4a *Lead06/Aug/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Route 2HS 4b **Lead06/Aug/15Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Donkey's EarsS 4a **Lead03/Aug/15Shepherds Crag