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Logbook for Smelly Fox

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NameStyleDate Crag name
On the Small SideSent O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
The SmallestSent O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
Titanic CrackSent O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
SubstantialSent x26/Jan/15Hepburn
Matterhorn AreteSolo O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
Faint ScoopSolo O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
Photo Opportunity AreteSolo O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
Slab TwoSolo O/S26/Jan/15Hepburn
A Northern SoulSent dnf26/Jan/15Hepburn
Potty Training (LH finish)Sent dnf26/Jan/15Hepburn
Potty TrainingSent dnf26/Jan/15Hepburn
Tommy's DilemmaSent O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Question of BalanceSent O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Right Edge (II)Sent O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
TiptoeSent O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Slanting FlakeSent O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Timeless Divide - Right HandSent x13/Dec/14Slipstones
Slanting Flake -LHSent x13/Dec/14Slipstones
Undercut FlakeSolo O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Aces HighSolo O/S13/Dec/14Slipstones
Leany MeanySolo G/U13/Dec/14Slipstones
Polyethylene ManSolo G/U24/Nov/14Glen Croe
Lady MadonnaSolo O/S21/Nov/14Glen Croe
DorisSolo O/S21/Nov/14Glen Croe
Dear PrudenceSolo O/S21/Nov/14Glen Croe
Student's RouteSolo O/S21/Nov/14Glen Croe
Polythene PamSolo O/S21/Nov/14Glen Croe
Right EdgeSent O/S19/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
UngavaSent O/S19/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Fridays FillSent O/S19/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Left EdgeSent O/S19/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Home Rule High TraverseSent x19/Nov/14Dumbarton Rock
Aid RouteLead15/Oct/14Swan Slab
Unnamed SlabSolo O/S15/Oct/14Swan Slab
Penelope's Problem2nd15/Oct/14Swan Slab
Lena's LaybackLead O/S15/Oct/14Swan Slab
The Largo LungeSent O/S15/Oct/14Camp 4 Boulders
Kor ProblemSolo G/U15/Oct/14Camp 4 Boulders
Black is BrownLead O/S14/Oct/14Church Bowl
The EnergizerLead dog14/Oct/14Church Bowl
Pole PositionLead O/S14/Oct/14Church Bowl
NurdleLead O/S13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
SkinheadsLead13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Makayla's ClimbLead O/S13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Golden NeedlesLead O/S13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
BoneheadsLead O/S13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
SudsLead O/S13/Oct/14Pat and Jack Pinnacle
Bikini Beach PartyLead O/S12/Oct/14Schultz's Ridge
Lloyd's One Arm Movie MantleSent O/S12/Oct/14Camp 4 Boulders
Unnamed - Left CrackSent O/S12/Oct/14Camp 4 Boulders
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