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NameStyleDate Crag name
Morrell's WallSent x15/Mar/15Almscliff
Morrell's Wall TraverseSent x15/Mar/15Almscliff
Dolphin Belly SlapSent x15/Mar/15Almscliff
Rageh OmaarSent x14/Mar/15Whitehouses
Fat Punters' RoofSent x14/Mar/15Whitehouses
MonologueSent x02/Dec/13Ramshaw Rocks
S & MSent x21/Nov/13Newstones
Praying Mantel Sit StartSent x21/Nov/13Newstones
RippleSent x21/Nov/13Newstones
5c WallSent x15/Nov/13Ramshaw Rocks
The PinchesSent x15/Nov/13Ramshaw Rocks
Press DirectSent x15/Nov/13Ramshaw Rocks
Press Direct Sit StartSent x15/Nov/13Ramshaw Rocks
Gibbering LeftSent x12/Nov/13Gib Torr
Gibbering RightSent x12/Nov/13Gib Torr
Baldstones TraverseSent x08/Nov/13Baldstones
Sly Stallone (without ramp)Sent x08/Nov/13Newstones
Stallone AreteSent β08/Nov/13Newstones
Square Cut FaceSent x08/Nov/13Newstones
VaricoseSent x08/Nov/13Newstones
The Grinding SloperSent x08/Nov/13Newstones
Wall and MonoSent β08/Nov/13Newstones
Higginson's ScarSent x02/Aug/13Porth Ysgo
Utopia LefthandSent x01/Aug/13Wavelength Boulders
King Of DrunksSent x01/Aug/13Wavelength Boulders
Boysen's grooveSent O/S01/Aug/13Wavelength Boulders
Harvey OswaldSent x01/Aug/13Milestone Buttress Boulders
BombshellSent x01/Aug/13Milestone Buttress Boulders
Sorcerer EliminateSent x05/Jul/13Forest Rock
Stake HouseSent x03/Jul/13Forest Rock
Name UnknownSent x19/Jun/13Forest Rock
Dog Shooter (Main Block P3)Sent rpt15/Jun/13The Sheep Pen
Kingdom Of Rain (Main Block P4)Sent x15/Jun/13The Sheep Pen
Toe Dragon into Dog ShooterSent x15/Jun/13The Sheep Pen
Dirty SlapperSent x15/Jun/13The Sheep Pen
Toe Dragon (Main Block P2)Sent x15/Jun/13The Sheep Pen
SorceressSent x03/Jun/13Forest Rock
Cracked upSent x26/May/13Forest Rock
Saucy (sit-start)Sent x13/Apr/13Forest Rock
Sorcerer DirectSent x13/Apr/13Forest Rock
Blind Date StartSent x16/Feb/13Burbage North
7 BallSent x16/Feb/13Burbage South Edge
Sitting DuckSent x16/Feb/13Burbage South Edge
MermaidSent x02/Feb/13Burbage Bridge
Jason's Mono ProblemSent x02/Feb/13Burbage West
One sloper eliminateSent x12/Jan/13Burbage North
Banana ReverseSent x12/Jan/13Burbage North
BedrockSent x12/Jan/13Burbage North
Safe BetSent x12/Jan/13Burbage North
Dragon SlayerSent x05/Jan/13Wharncliffe Crags