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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Golden Shower7a ***DWS O/S26/Sep/15Cala Barques
In the Night, Every Cat is Black8a ***DWS G/U25/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
The Lobster6c+ ***DWS β25/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Ejector Seat7c ***DWS β25/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Whiplash7c **DWS O/S25/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Iguanodon7b ***DWS β25/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Bisexual7a **DWS O/S24/Sep/15Cala Barques
Metrosexual7a+ **DWS G/U24/Sep/15Cala Barques
Transexual7b *DWS G/U24/Sep/15Cala Barques
Fortuna6a+ *DWS G/U24/Sep/15Cala Barques
Bandito7c *DWS G/U24/Sep/15Cala Barques
Vadage7c *DWS O/S22/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Princess of Transilvania7a ***DWS O/S22/Sep/15Porto Colom - Lighthouse Area
Titan6c+ *DWS O/S22/Sep/15Porto Colom - Lighthouse Area
Virgins Are Only Human6a+ *DWS O/S22/Sep/15Cala Sa Nau
Surfer Dead6c+ **DWS O/S21/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Afroman7b ***DWS O/S21/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Dogging Romp6a+ ***DWS O/S21/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
White Noise5c ***DWS O/S21/Sep/15Cova del Diablo, Porto Cristo
Genoveses6b DWS O/S20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Sixty's Silver Surfer7a *DWS β20/Sep/15Cala Barques
The Might of the Stalactite7a **DWS β20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Transversal7a ***DWS β20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Big XXL7a ***DWS O/S20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Smash It In8a ***DWS G/U20/Sep/15Cala Barques
Hercules6c ***DWS β20/Sep/15Cala Barques
The Barques Traverse6b *DWS O/S19/Sep/15Cala Barques
Poisoned ArrowE4 6a *Lead O/S06/Sep/15St. Govan's Head
From a DistanceE7 6b ***Lead O/S05/Sep/15Stennis Ford
Clean Hand Blues BandE2 5c **Lead O/S05/Sep/15St. Govan's Head
The Cider Soak8a ***Lead RP30/Aug/15Anstey's Cove
Might and Main6c **Lead O/S30/Aug/15Anstey's Cove
The Lynch7b+ ***Lead β30/Aug/15Anstey's Cove
Animal Magnetism7b **DWS G/U29/Aug/15Lulworth
Stone Mason6a+ **Lead β29/Aug/15Winspit
Red Rain6c+ **Lead β29/Aug/15Winspit
The MaypoleHVS 5a **DWS28/Aug/15Lulworth
That was the River7b+ **Lead RP26/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
The Roof Warrior8a ***Lead RP26/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
Cosmopolitan7b+ **Lead β25/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
Old Man River7b **Lead RP25/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
Zippy's Direct Finish7b+ Lead RP25/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
Saucy (boulder problem)f5 **Sent x22/Aug/15Forest Rock
Stake House (stand start)f5 Sent x22/Aug/15Forest Rock
Forest wallVD Sent O/S22/Aug/15Forest Rock
Freeborn ManE4 6a ***DWS β19/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Troubled WatersHVS 5a *DWS O/S19/Aug/15Fishermans Ledge
Mark of the Beast7c ***DWS O/S18/Aug/15Lulworth
Stagedivin'7a+ *DWS O/S18/Aug/15Lulworth
Crazy NotionE5 6b *DWS O/S18/Aug/15Lulworth