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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Super Centralf5+ *- 12/Oct/14West Chevin Boulders
Sidelinerf6A *- 12/Oct/14West Chevin Boulders
The Barn Doorf5 - 12/Oct/14West Chevin Boulders
Sunbeamf4 - 12/Oct/14Brimham Rocks
Sunstrokef4 - 12/Oct/14Brimham Rocks
Sunshinef3+ - 12/Oct/14Brimham Rocks
B2, P8VB 4b - 12/Oct/14Brimham Rocks
B11, P10VB 4b - 12/Oct/14Brimham Rocks
Reach for the SkyV0- 5a - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
CD 9 Problem 4V0 5a+ - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
StumpVB 4b+ - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
JohnVB 4b - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
CD 9 Problem 10V3 5c+ - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
Jug for a ThugVB 5a *- 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
Leaper Traversef6A **- 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
TC 8 Unnamed Traversef6C - 11/Oct/14Shipley Glen
Block 1 Problem 7V1 5b - 14/Sep/14Widdop
Block 4, Problem 9VB 4c - 14/Sep/14Widdop
Block 4 Problem 11V0 5b - 14/Sep/14Widdop
Red Edge LeftV2 - 14/Sep/14Widdop
The Red Edge RightV2 5c **- 14/Sep/14Widdop
Block 6, Problem 5VB 5a - 14/Sep/14Widdop
Block 4, Problem 12V2 5c - 14/Sep/14Widdop
Low Ribf5+ - 03/Sep/14Caley Crags
Short Slabf4+ - 03/Sep/14Caley Crags
Hörnli Ridgef3 - 29/May/14Wimberry Rocks
Fish Slab CentralV0 - 29/May/14Wimberry Rocks
Diagonal Crackf4+ - 29/May/14Wimberry Rocks
The Fish Slabf3+ - 29/May/14Wimberry Rocks
Donaldf6B+ -Louis B05/May/14Brimham Rocks
B2, P3V4 6b -Louis B05/May/14Brimham Rocks
B2, P4VB 4b **-Louis B05/May/14Brimham Rocks
Green Rooff6A *Sent 03/May/14Brimham Rocks
Trench Footf5+ Sent 03/May/14Brimham Rocks
Whisky Galoref7A ***Sent 03/May/14Brimham Rocks
Cubicf6A+ **Sent 03/May/14Brimham Rocks
Teflon Traversef6C - 23/Apr/14Almscliff
Not Ed's DynoV1 5b - 23/Apr/14Almscliff
New Jerusalemf7A ***SentJames Thompson19/Apr/14Caley Crags
Lunaf6A+ SentJames Thompson19/Apr/14Caley Crags
Top RibV2 5c **Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Last Arete - Standing StartV0 5a Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Pink SlabV0- 4a Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Pink AreteV0- 4c Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Pink Slab RightV1 5c Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Pink Slab Right - With ChipsV0 4c Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Left AreteV3 6a *Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Flake ProblemV0- 4c Sent 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Blob MantelV1 5c - 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
Wall Right of Blob MantelV0- 4c - 16/Apr/14Cratcliffe Tor
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