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Logbook for Shaw Brown

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
PlutoHVS 5a **AltLdTony Gray12/Oct/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
RevelationHS ***2ndTony Gray12/Oct/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
ElevationHS *2ndTony Gray12/Oct/14Raven Crag (Langdale)
The Purple EdgeVS 4c **LeadJudith Neaves21/Sep/14Gimmer Crag
Main Wall ClimbVD **AltLdJudith Neaves21/Sep/14Gimmer Crag
Three Tiers ClimbVS 4c **LeadJudith Neaves21/Sep/14Gimmer Crag
ConclusionE1 5b **2ndpeter metcalfe20/Sep/14Shepherds Crag
Evel KneivelHVS 5a **2ndpeter metcalfe20/Sep/14Shepherds Crag
AarosE1 5b ***2ndpeter metcalfe20/Sep/14Shepherds Crag
Central PillarE2 5b ***AltLdGeorge North13/Sep/14Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)
The Red EdgeE1 5a ***AltLdGeorge North13/Sep/14Esk Buttress (Dow Crag)
Brant's Little BrotherVS 4c **LeadJudith Neaves09/Sep/14Jack Scout Crag
Celebration DayMVS 4b *LeadJudith Neaves09/Sep/14Jack Scout Crag
Flying ButtressVD ***LeadJudith Neaves07/Sep/14Dinas Cromlech
Spiral StairsD ***LeadJudith Neaves07/Sep/14Dinas Cromlech
King Bee CrackHVS 5a ***Leadfi massey, Paul Horabin06/Sep/14Holyhead Mountain
BruversHVS 5a **2ndfi massey, Paul Horabin06/Sep/14Holyhead Mountain
RomulusVS 5a 2ndConan06/Sep/14Holyhead Mountain
TensionVS 4b **2ndfi massey, Paul Horabin06/Sep/14Holyhead Mountain
Western SlabsVS 4c **AltLdConan05/Sep/14Dinas Mot
The Third WorldHVS 5a ***Leadkmc02/Sep/14Warton Main Quarry
Du V à tire larigot5c ***-Judith Neaves??/Aug/14Tete de la Maye
La Grande Dalle du ClapsAD -Judith Neaves??/Aug/14Le Claps
El maestro5c LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Montenvers
La Moulinette Endimanchée6a ***LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Quatre Kilos 170 Plus Tard, Mélodie6b *Lead dogJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Eclectik Electrik6a *LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Capharnaum6a *LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Amours Toujours6a+ **LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Les Bijoux de Spaggiari5c **LeadJudith Neaves??/Aug/14Orpierre
Pillar RibVS 4c ***LeadJudith Neaves20/Jul/14Eastby Crag
Eastby ButtressVD ***2ndJudith Neaves20/Jul/14Eastby Crag
Nose ClimbS 4a ***LeadJudith Neaves20/Jul/14Eastby Crag
DiacetyleneHVS 5b Lead dogJudith Neaves20/Jul/14Eastby Crag
Rope NotHVS 5a LeadJudith Neaves15/Jul/14White Ghyll
Slip KnotVS 4b **AltLdJudith Neaves15/Jul/14White Ghyll
Terrier's ToothHS 4b ***AltLdJudith Neaves13/Jul/14Chair Ladder
Land's End Long ClimbVD **LeadJudith Neaves12/Jul/14Lands End
Demo RouteHS 4b ***LeadJudith Neaves11/Jul/14Sennen
Banana FlakeVD *2ndJudith Neaves11/Jul/14Sennen
The AreteVS 4b *LeadJudith Neaves11/Jul/14Sennen
DoorpostHS 4b ***AltLdJudith Neaves10/Jul/14Bosigran
In-BetweenVD AltLdJudith Neaves10/Jul/14Bosigran
The Royal ForesterVS 4c *LeadJudith Neaves10/Jul/14Zennor Cliff
SlipshodHVS 5a Leadcliff brown11/Jun/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
The Singing CowboyVS 4c *2ndcliff brown11/Jun/14Long Scar
Ann's AgonyHVS 5b **Leadcliff brown11/Jun/14Black Crag (Wrynose)
Route 2MVS 4b *LeadJudith Neaves08/Jun/14Steel Knotts(Borrowdale)
The StingE2 5c **Lead dogron kenyon08/Jun/14Steel Knotts(Borrowdale)
Tottering TortoiseVS 5a *2ndpeter metcalfe08/Jun/14Steel Knotts(Borrowdale)
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