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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Flowstone Shuffle 6b+ ** Lead RP ?/Apr/15 Penmaen Head
Direct Route VS 5b *** Lead O/S ?/Sep/14 Dinas Mot
Crack and Corner S 4b *** Lead O/S ?/Aug/14 Stanage Popular
Black Hawk HS 4c ** Lead O/S ?/Aug/14 Stanage Popular
The Double Helix 6a+ * Lead β ?/Jul/14 Penmaen Head
Go With the Flow 6a * Lead β ?/Jul/14 Penmaen Head
Richard 11 1399 6a+ * Lead O/S ?/Jul/14 Penmaen Head
Don't Talk To Strangers 6c * Lead RP ?/May/14 Stoney West
Procession 6b+ * Lead RP ?/May/14 Stoney West
A Timer and a Place 6a * Lead O/S ?/May/14 Stoney West
Nowt about Change 6b Lead β ?/May/14 Stoney Middleton
Onwards and Upwards 6a Lead β ?/May/14 Stoney Middleton
Two Thousand 6a+ Lead β 30/Apr/14 Stoney Middleton
Four Thousand 6b+ * Lead RP 30/Apr/14 Stoney Middleton
Creamsnatcher 6b * Lead β 30/Apr/14 Stoney Middleton
Arachonothera Direct 6b+ * Lead RP 23/Mar/14 Chee Dale Upper
Abrasiva 6c * Lead RP ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Deate de rollo 6b+ Lead RP ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Romper Biceps 6b *** Lead RP ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Provinciano marrano 6c ** Lead RP ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Si te gustael pique, pique 6b ** Lead RP ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Vaya pieza 6b ** Lead β ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Efecto secundario 6b+ ** Lead β ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Menasatrua 6a+ ** Lead O/S ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia
Debora cuerpos 6b *** Lead O/S ?/Nov/13 Desplomilandia