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NameStyleDate Crag name
Life During Wartime-???/2009Rosyth Quarry
Heathy-???/2009Rosyth Quarry
Cathy-???/2009Rosyth Quarry
Broken Pillar-???/2009Rosyth Quarry
Left Hand CrackLead O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
Right Hand Crack2nd O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
Original RouteLead O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
FingerwreckerLead O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
Little Cenotaph2nd O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
Black CustardTR O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
High SteppaTR O/S10/Aug/07Pass of Ballater
Fishers FollyAltLd O/S??/May/07Shepherds Crag
Classic DynoSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Classic Dyno (two handed)Sent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Hard Dyno/WolfieSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
The PodSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Pod DynoSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Experiments in Incest/Chimp HeadSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Outsider CrackSent β???/2007Wolfcrag Quarry
Ramplin'Lead O/S???/2007Cambusbarron West Quarry (aka...
Here Come The Mini-MonksLead O/S???/2007Cambusbarron West Quarry (aka...
Not Easy ContractLead O/S???/2007Cambusbarron West Quarry (aka...
Dive Dive DiveLead RP???/2007North Queensferry Quarry
PickwickLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Hunter and the HuntedLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
HumbugLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Kiln Dance with MeLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Empires and DanceLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Dingley DellLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
SlotsLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
SunsetterLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Forbidden ColoursLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
DTsLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
D-DayLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
White EnsignLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
VE DayLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Neutral GearLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Lion RampantLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Wall StraightLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Red FlagLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Elgin's CrackLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
ProtectlessLead O/S???/2006Limekilns
Forbidden Colours (Direct Finish)Lead O/S???/2006Limekilns
RotweillerLead???/2006Ley Quarry
Pit BullLead O/S???/2006Ley Quarry
Cat Scratch FeverLead O/S???/2006Ley Quarry
April's AreteLead O/S???/2006Ley Quarry
Scarred for LifeLead RP???/2006Ley Quarry
Magic PocketsLead RP???/2006Ley Quarry
Little ChamonixAltLd O/S???/2006Shepherds Crag