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NameStyleDate Crag name
Polar Crack2nd O/S26/Sep/14Curbar Edge
Flying Buttress2nd O/S26/Sep/14Curbar Edge
Flying Buttress Right2nd O/S26/Sep/14Curbar Edge
The Sentinel2nd O/S25/Aug/13Burbage North
Original Route2nd O/S13/Aug/13Old Man of Stoer
N.M.C. Crack2nd O/S10/Aug/13Gardoms Edge
Apple Arête2nd O/S10/Aug/13Gardoms Edge
Fox House Flake2nd O/S09/Aug/13Burbage South Quarries
Dunkley's Eliminate2nd O/S09/Aug/13Burbage South Quarries
Lichen SlabSolo O/S21/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Cubic Corner2nd O/S20/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
Shorty's DilemmaLead O/S20/Jul/13Brimham Rocks
The Arete2nd O/S15/Jul/13Hen Cloud
K2AltLd O/S15/Jul/13Hen Cloud
Central ClimbAltLd O/S15/Jul/13Hen Cloud
Jackdaw Grooves2nd O/S??/Jul/13Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Captain's Bunk2nd O/S31/May/13Birchen Edge
Porthole Buttress2nd O/S31/May/13Birchen Edge
Porthole Direct2nd O/S31/May/13Birchen Edge
Sail Buttress2nd O/S31/May/13Birchen Edge
Monument Gully Buttress2nd O/S31/May/13Birchen Edge
Nettlerash2nd O/S26/May/13Aldery Cliff
Central Arete2nd O/S26/May/13Aldery Cliff
Piggy's Crack2nd O/S09/May/13New Mills Torrs
The Steeple2nd O/S09/May/13New Mills Torrs
Alcove Crack2nd O/S09/May/13New Mills Torrs
Arete Number 12nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Arete Number 22nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Face Climb Number 22nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Pedestal Wall2nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Brassington Crack Arete2nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Brassington Crack Face2nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Brassington Crack2nd O/S05/May/13Brassington (Rainster Rocks)
Mine Anarchy2nd O/S25/Apr/13Harpur Hill Quarry
Always Break the Rules2nd O/S25/Apr/13Harpur Hill Quarry
Snap Decision2nd O/S25/Apr/13Harpur Hill Quarry
Toy Story2nd O/S25/Apr/13Harpur Hill Quarry
Ardus2nd O/S14/Sep/12Shepherds Crag
Cider2nd O/S15/Aug/12Gardoms Edge
Bitter2nd O/S15/Aug/12Gardoms Edge
Bel Ami2nd O/S24/May/12Curbar Edge
Slab Route2nd O/S24/May/12Curbar Edge
P.M.C.12nd O/S24/May/12Curbar Edge
Owl's Arête2nd O/S24/May/12Curbar Edge
Valkyrie2nd O/S04/May/12Froggatt Edge
Mississippi Variant2nd O/S??/Oct/11Stanage Popular
Agony Crack2nd O/S??/Oct/11Stanage Popular
Via Roof Route2nd O/S??/Oct/11Stanage Popular
Twin Chimneys Buttress2nd O/S??/Oct/11Stanage Popular
Harding's Super Direct Finish2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Robin Hood Cave Innominate/Harding's Finish2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Cave Innominate2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Right-hand Trinity2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Leaning Buttress Direct2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Plate Glass2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Carborundum2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
Zig-zag Flake Crack2nd O/S30/Sep/11Stanage Popular
HatTR O/S??/Sep/11Holyhead Mountain
Christmas Curry2nd O/S??/Jul/11Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
The Little Flake Crack2nd O/S20/May/11Stanage Popular
Central Trinity2nd O/S20/May/11Stanage Popular
Meiosis2nd O/S20/May/11Stanage Popular
Via Media2nd O/S20/May/11Stanage Popular
Narrow Buttress2nd O/S20/May/11Stanage Popular
Yellow CircuitSent O/S29/Apr/11La Canche aux Merciers
Blue 37Sent O/S29/Apr/11La Canche aux Merciers
Red 24 - Rève de chevaux blancsSent O/S29/Apr/11La Canche aux Merciers
Yellow circuitSent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 3Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 5Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 8Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 10Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 13Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 15Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 17Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 22Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Yellow 23Sent O/S26/Apr/11La Roche aux Sabots
Le Mur aux Steres (Blue 36)Sent O/S26/Apr/11L'Elephant
Yellow CircuitSent O/S26/Apr/11L'Elephant
Yellow CircuitSent O/S25/Apr/11Rocher Canon
Mississippi Crack2nd O/S10/Apr/11Windgather Rocks
Portfolio2nd O/S10/Apr/11Windgather Rocks
The Other Corner2nd O/S10/Apr/11Windgather Rocks
North Buttress Arete Direct2nd O/S10/Apr/11Windgather Rocks
Green Slab2nd O/S10/Apr/11Windgather Rocks
Recess Crack2nd O/S21/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Quien Sabe?Lead O/S21/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Brown's CrackLead O/S21/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Fizz2nd O/S21/Mar/11Bamford Edge
The Crease2nd O/S21/Mar/11Bamford Edge
Kayak2nd O/S17/Mar/11Curbar Edge
Canoe2nd O/S17/Mar/11Curbar Edge
October Crack2nd O/S17/Mar/11Curbar Edge
Gregory's Slab2nd O/S11/Mar/11Lawrencefield
Summer Climb2nd O/S11/Mar/11Lawrencefield
Once Pegged Wall2nd O/S11/Mar/11Lawrencefield
Vanilla Slice2nd O/S11/Mar/11Lawrencefield
NovaLead β11/Mar/11Lawrencefield
Victory Crack2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Emma's Slab2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Emma's Delight2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
The Prow2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Orpheus Wall2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Barnacle Bulge2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Trafalgar Wall2nd O/S10/Mar/11Birchen Edge
Wheeze2nd O/S04/Mar/11Roaches Skyline
Tobacco Road2nd O/S04/Mar/11Roaches Skyline
Time to be Had2nd O/S04/Mar/11Roaches Skyline
Cracked Arete2nd O/S04/Mar/11Roaches Skyline
Reade's Route2nd O/S18/Sep/10Crib Goch
Trident GrooveAltLd O/S09/Sep/10Harborough Rocks
Trident AreteAltLd O/S09/Sep/10Harborough Rocks
Car Boot Sail2nd O/S02/Sep/10Turning Stone Edge
Sail Arête2nd O/S02/Sep/10Turning Stone Edge
Heather WallLead O/S18/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Tody's Wall2nd O/S18/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Grey SlabAltLd O/S18/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Four Pebble Slab2nd O/S18/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble Slab2nd O/S18/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
N.M.C. Crack2nd O/S16/Aug/10Gardoms Edge
Apple Crack2nd O/S16/Aug/10Gardoms Edge
Amber Arête2nd O/S06/Jul/10Turning Stone Edge
Twilight Slab2nd O/S06/Jul/10Turning Stone Edge
Rody Groove2nd O/S06/Jul/10Turning Stone Edge
Plumb Line2nd O/S02/Jun/10Turning Stone Edge
Heather Wall2nd O/S??/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Crack and Corner2nd O/S??/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Manchester Buttress2nd O/S??/Aug/09Stanage Popular
Mississippi Buttress DirectLead O/S24/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Bean2nd O/S24/Jun/09Stanage Popular
DunLead O/S24/Jun/09Stanage Popular
FourLead O/S24/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Congo Corner2nd O/S24/Jun/09Stanage Popular
Trafalgar Wall2nd O/S01/Jun/09Birchen Edge
Barnacle BulgeLead O/S01/Jun/09Birchen Edge
Bulbous BowTR rpt01/Jun/09Birchen Edge
The StaircaseAltLd O/S27/May/09Burbage South Edge
Ant's CrackLead O/S27/May/09Yarncliffe Quarry
Emperor Flake Climb2nd O/S11/May/09Chatsworth Edge
Emperor CrackAltLd O/S11/May/09Chatsworth Edge
Queen's Parlour Slab2nd O/S07/May/09Black Rocks
Lone Tree GullyLead O/S07/May/09Black Rocks
Le Crepuscule2nd rpt02/May/09Rheinstor
Sunset CrackLead O/S15/Apr/09Froggatt Edge
Sunset Slab2nd O/S15/Apr/09Froggatt Edge
Corner Cracks2nd O/S08/Apr/09Roaches Lower Tier
Calcutta Crack2nd O/S08/Apr/09Roaches Upper Tier
Sifta's Quid2nd O/S08/Apr/09Roaches Lower Tier
The Crank2nd O/S08/Apr/09Ramshaw Rocks