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NameStyleDate Crag name
Left AreteSent O/S25/Oct/14Burbage West
Middle TraverseSent O/S25/Oct/14Burbage West
Go WestSent x25/Oct/14Burbage West
Slabby AreteSent O/S25/Oct/14Burbage Bridge
BreakfestSent x25/Oct/14Caley Crags
Thin Slab DirectSent x25/Oct/14Caley Crags
South Face AreteSent O/S25/Oct/14Caley Crags
The GrooveSent O/S25/Oct/14Caley Crags
Chicken HeadsSent O/S25/Oct/14Caley Crags
CurverSent O/S25/Oct/14Caley Crags
Left Hand GrooveSent O/S25/Oct/14Caley Crags
Pale RiderLead O/S03/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
School's OutLead O/S03/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
Say it With FlowersLead dog03/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
Wall of JerichoLead RP03/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
The Leading LineLead RP03/Oct/14Horseshoe Quarry
In the PocketLead dog18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Who Sat On My Satsuma?Lead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Moov OverLead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
A Life Of GrimeLead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Fun In The SunLead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Eye, EyeLead RP18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Exo6Lead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
Pocket RocketLead O/S18/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
CD Boulder 12 - Problem 3Sent07/May/13Caley Crags
Short SlabSent07/May/13Caley Crags
Rough Rib (left)Sent07/May/13Caley Crags
Rough Rib (Right)Sent07/May/13Caley Crags
CD Boulder 12 Problem 7Sent07/May/13Caley Crags
Steady AreteSent07/May/13Caley Crags
Chicken AreteSent07/May/13Caley Crags
The Chicken ScoopSent07/May/13Caley Crags
Small RoofSent07/May/13Caley Crags
Low Pebble WallSent07/May/13Caley Crags
The Cruel CrackSent07/May/13Caley Crags
Sucker's WallSent O/S30/Apr/13Caley Crags
Sucker's RibSent O/S30/Apr/13Caley Crags
The PinchSent x30/Apr/13Caley Crags
Mr. SmoothSent x30/Apr/13Caley Crags
The HornSent x30/Apr/13Caley Crags
The EnthusiastSent O/S20/Apr/13Burbage North
Spider CrackSent O/S20/Apr/13Burbage North
6c Arete below Long Tall SallySent x20/Apr/13Burbage North
Remergence StartSent dnf20/Apr/13Burbage North
Banana FingerSent dnf20/Apr/13Burbage North
The Hanging RibSent dnf20/Apr/13Burbage North
The High StepSent O/S24/May/11Almscliff
Morrell's WallSent O/S24/May/11Almscliff
DidicoySent x24/May/11Almscliff
The Lone SlabSent x06/Nov/10Stanage Plantation