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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Louisiana RibVS 4c **2nd O/SAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Congo CornerHVS 5b ***2nd O/SAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Mississippi VariantHVS 5a **Lead O/SAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Morrison's RedoubtE1 5b **Lead O/SAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Agony CrackHVS 5a **Lead rptAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Kirkus's CornerE1 5b **2nd rptAdam M23/May/07Stanage Popular
Gargoyle FlakeVS 4c ***Lead O/SNick30/Apr/07Bamford Edge
JetrunnerE4 6a **Lead O/SNick30/Apr/07Bamford Edge
Coconut IceE2 5b Lead O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
HybridE1 5b Lead O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Easter RibE1 5b **Lead O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Agony CrackHVS 5a **2nd O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Robin Hood Cave Innominate/Harding's FinishHVS 5a ***2nd O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Cave AreteHVS 5a **2nd O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
The FlangeHVS 5b **2nd O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Exit Stage LeftE1 5b *Lead O/SSimon Troop29/Apr/07Stanage Popular
Pale FaceHVS 5a Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
Biscuits for BreakfastE4 6b Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
Grotto CrackVS 4b Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
Brooks' LaybackHS 4b **Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
ObscenityVS 4c ***Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
Rose FlakeVS 4b *Lead O/SRichard Turkington28/Apr/07Burbage North
Nunn's EliminateV3 6a SentTom Woodstone24/Apr/07Bell Hagg
KayakE1 5b **LeadSimon Troop15/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Black Nix WallE1 5c *2ndSimon Troop15/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Mastiff WallVS 4c *Lead O/SSimon Troop15/Apr/07Curbar Edge
Brown WallVS 4c Lead O/SNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Slab HappyVS 5a Lead O/SNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Pillar RouteVS 5a Lead O/SNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Brown WallVS 4c SoloNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Slab HappyVS 5a Lead O/SNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Pillar RouteVS 5a SoloNick14/Apr/07Stanage End
Alpha CrackVS 4c Solo β 27/Mar/07Burbage North
BobsnobE1 5a Solo O/S 27/Mar/07Stanage Popular
StumpyE1 5a *Solo O/S 27/Mar/07Stanage Plantation
Wilkinson's WallVS 4b *Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Moss Side/Chips and PeasVS 4b Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Cocaine PlaceHVS 5a Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Bodle's BulgeHVS 5a Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Of Mice and MenE5 6b Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Lichen Slab DirectHVS 5a Solo O/S 26/Mar/07Rivelin Edge
Direct RouteVD ***AltLdTom Woodstone25/Mar/07Milestone Buttress
One Step in the CloudsVS 4c ***AltLd O/STom Woodstone24/Mar/07Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
YogiVS 4b AltLd O/STom Woodstone24/Mar/07Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Mr RangerVS 4c *Lead O/STom Woodstone24/Mar/07Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
LlafurE1 5b *Lead O/STom Woodstone24/Mar/07Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
ShardHVS 5b Sent O/S 14/Mar/07Stanage Plantation
The IntrovertE2 5c Sent O/S 14/Mar/07Stanage Plantation
Tales of Yankee PowerE1 5c *Solo O/S 14/Mar/07Stanage Plantation
Flaky WallHVS 5b *Solo O/S 14/Mar/07Stanage Plantation
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