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NameStyleDate Crag name
Flying ButtressLead O/S11/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Hollybush CrackLead O/S11/Oct/09Stanage Popular
Long Tall SallyTR β11/Oct/09Burbage North
Amazon CrackTR11/Oct/09Burbage North
Central RouteLead O/S31/Aug/09Symonds Yat
Yellow PerilTR O/S31/Aug/09Symonds Yat
JulepTR O/S31/Aug/09Symonds Yat
Eliminate 4TR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
The EasyTR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
The Hand JamTR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
Middle CrackTR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
Right CrackTR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
Short CrackTR O/S31/Aug/09Castle Rock
Funky GibbonTR21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Funky DungTR dnf21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Cave Wall2nd21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Jackal's WallTR dog21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Ambler2nd21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
KrakatoaTR dnf21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
VesuviusTR dnf21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
EtnaTR21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Blood BrotherTR21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Odd-JobTR21/Jun/09Symonds Yat
BookwormTR25/May/09Symonds Yat
Bookworm/BludgeonTR dnf25/May/09Symonds Yat
Nansen Crack2nd O/S25/May/09Symonds Yat
Kipper CrackTR O/S25/May/09Symonds Yat
KebboTR O/S25/May/09Symonds Yat
TolkTR dog25/May/09Symonds Yat
Episcopalian ToothpickTR RP25/May/09Symonds Yat
Mango HighwayTR dog25/May/09Symonds Yat
Southern ComfortTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
IckTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
How D'ya Like Them Apples?TR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Mister Kerr SirTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Everything's Gone GreenTR dnf26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Joyce's Route2nd26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Vertigo2nd26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Needle Rock GullySolo26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
DwarfTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Funky DungTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Louisiana BelleTR26/Apr/09Symonds Yat
Bosun's Nose2nd dnf21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Bosun's CrackLead O/S21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Bosun's Wall2nd21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Visitors OnlyLead O/S21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Saltheart FoamfollowerTR dnf21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Poop Deck CrackLead O/S21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Captain's Prerogative2nd21/Mar/09Birchen Edge
Captain's Bunk2nd21/Mar/09Birchen Edge