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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Screwballed!7a *Lead dnf20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
No Time to Lose6b *Lead O/S20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Galena Colada6c *Lead dog20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Lady Cassidy6a+ *Lead O/S20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Big Budget Productions6a *Lead O/S20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Mr Ripple6a *Lead O/S20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
Lapse In Taste5c Lead O/S20/Apr/13Cheddar Gorge North
ConsolationS 4a 2nd22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
InspirationS 4a Lead O/S22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
ChockneyVD 4a *2nd22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
ResurrectionHS 4b *2nd22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
HangoverVS 5a **Lead O/S22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
Bunney's WallVS 5a *Lead O/S22/Aug/12Cattle Troughs
Return of the Rice Bandit6a Lead dog01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Midday Massacre5a Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
La Fievre Spiteuse5c Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Lucy's off the Wall5a Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Nothing's Shocking6a+ *Lead O/S01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
First Contact6b *Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Brace Yourself Sheila5a *Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Wonderlust6b **Lead β01/Jul/12Cheyne Wears Area
Mexican Wave7a+ *Lead dnf17/Jun/12Dancing Ledge
Rambling Moses Weetabix and the Secona Park Seven6b+ **Lead dog17/Jun/12Dancing Ledge
Borra Ring5c *Lead O/S16/Jun/12Dancing Ledge
AzoicS 4a 2nd O/S27/May/12Symonds Yat
The DruidVS 4c **Lead O/S27/May/12Symonds Yat
Golden FleeceHS 4b **2nd O/S27/May/12Symonds Yat
Red Rose SpeedwayHVS 5a ***Lead O/S27/May/12Symonds Yat
Mr Whippy6c+ Lead dog31/Mar/12Wyndcliffe Quarry
THE END6a+ Lead rpt31/Mar/12Wyndcliffe Quarry
Sometimes I Won't Thrill You6a+ *Lead rpt31/Mar/12Wyndcliffe Quarry
NightmareS 4a *AltLd O/S28/Mar/12Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
MorpheusVD 4a **AltLd O/S28/Mar/12Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
SimianHVS 5a Lead O/S28/Mar/12Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Dinofever6a+ *Lead β30/Sep/11Tintern Quarry
Dinomania6a+ Lead O/S30/Sep/11Tintern Quarry
Star Ship Troopers5c Lead O/S30/Sep/11Tintern Quarry
Dispossessed6c **Lead dog30/Sep/11Tintern Quarry
Ashes to Ashes6c+ **Lead dog26/Apr/11Tintern Quarry
Dinosaurs Don't Dyno6a+ *Lead dog26/Apr/11Tintern Quarry
Dust Devil (2)6b *Lead O/S26/Apr/11Tintern Quarry
Mistaken Identity6b+ *Lead O/S26/Apr/11Tintern Quarry
Pocketful Of Kryptonite6a *Lead β26/Apr/11Tintern Quarry
DewdropVS 4b TR30/Jul/08Wyndcliffe Quarry
Pedestal Route6a Lead O/S30/Jul/08Wyndcliffe Quarry
Sometimes I Won't Thrill You6a+ *Lead dog30/Jul/08Wyndcliffe Quarry
Stranded No More5a Lead O/S30/Jul/08Wyndcliffe Quarry
THE END6a+ Lead O/S30/Jul/08Wyndcliffe Quarry
Amazonia4c Lead O/S05/May/08The Cuttings
The Great Hamburger Disaster4c *Lead O/S05/May/08The Cuttings