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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
TracksideV6 6b ***- 12/Nov/11Curbar Edge
Fab ArêteV1 5b **- 12/Nov/11Curbar Edge
Mini ArêteV0- 4b *- 12/Nov/11Curbar Edge
Mini ProwV0+ 5b **- 12/Nov/11Curbar Edge
Hoodoo Peoplef6C **Sent βAndrew Smith??/Oct/10Warton Pinnacle Crag
Voodoo Peoplef7A+ **SentAndrew Smith??/Oct/10Warton Pinnacle Crag
What's this for...!f6C+ Sent βAndrew Smith??/Oct/10Woodwell
Crucifix Kissf7A+ **Sent ??/Oct/10Woodwell
Screaming Slavef7B **Sent ??/Oct/10Woodwell
The Holef7A+ *SentAndrew Smith??/Jun/10Kentmere Boulders
The Jazz Phenomenaf7A+ *Sent 02/May/09Trowbarrow
Footless Marathonf7A+ Sent 29/Apr/09Woodwell
Paroxysmf7C **Sent 29/Apr/09Woodwell
Turbulencef7C **Sent 29/Apr/09Woodwell
Blood Sugar Sex Magicf7B **Sent 29/Apr/09Woodwell
Angel Deelitef7A Sent 29/Apr/09Woodwell
Patrickyf7B *Sent 17/Apr/09Thorn Crag
Kissing the PinkE4 5c **Solo O/S 16/Apr/09Thorn Crag
Andy Brown's WallV8+ Sent 01/Apr/09Earl Crag
Sloping BeautyV9 6c ***Sent 01/Apr/09Earl Crag
The Groovef6C+ *Sent ??/Apr/09Trowbarrow
Coming up for Airf7A+ *Sent 10/Mar/09The Bowderstone
The Green Traversef7A ***Sent ??/Mar/09Stanage Plantation
Full Green Traverse/Dope on a Slopef7A+ ***Sent ??/Mar/09Stanage Plantation
Ringpiecef7B+ *SentAndrew Smith25/Jan/09Ilkley (Cow and Calf)
Fix My Sinkf7B **Sent 28/Oct/08Thorn Crag
The Pit Problem (low start)f7B+ Sent 21/Oct/08Trowbarrow
Candle CrackHVS 5a *Solo 11/Oct/08Twistleton Scars
Ned's Problemf7B *Sent 09/Oct/08Trowbarrow
Gargantoitf7A+ ***Sent 28/Sep/08Gorge du Houx
Holey Moleyf7A ***Sent 27/Sep/08Bas Cuvier
La Daube (Red 9)f6C+ Sent 27/Sep/08Bas Cuvier
Figure de Prouef7A **Sent 25/Sep/08L'Elephant
La Baleine (Black 7)f7A ***Sent 25/Sep/08Petit Bois
Hibernatusf7B **Sent 24/Sep/08Dame Jouanne
Stretchinf7A+ Sent 24/Sep/08Dame Jouanne
Usbekf7A+ **Sent 23/Sep/08Dame Jouanne
Baloof7B **Sent 22/Sep/08Maunoury
Oasisf7B+ **Sent 22/Sep/08Maunoury
Asicsf7B *Sent 22/Sep/08Maunoury
Sylphidef7A *Sent 20/Sep/08Franchard Sablons
Magic Busf7B **Sent 19/Sep/08Buthiers
L'Hélicoptèref7A **Sent 18/Sep/08Bas Cuvier
Gasthaus Unterslagf7C Sent 16/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Fanny Chipief7B+ **Sent 16/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Zenf7A **Sent 13/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Bien Zenf7A ***Sent 13/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Jet Setf7A **Sent 12/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Elucubration / Le Quarkf7A **Sent 10/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
Le Bond de l'Hippopotame (Red 17b)f7A Sent 08/Sep/08La Roche aux Sabots
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