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NameStyleDate Crag name
FlakaLead RP14/May/11Haukkakallio
Nu MoonLead dog14/May/11Haukkakallio
TramontanaLead β14/May/11Haukkakallio
Två halvorLead O/S29/Apr/11Haukkakallio
UrheiluhulluLead RP22/Apr/11Falkberget
SledgehammerLead RP26/Sep/10Falkberget
Langes FeschtlLead RP06/Jun/10Tyrolean Wall
Sweating MekongLead RP06/Jun/10Ton Sai Wall
I speak no EnglishLead RP05/Jun/10Ton Sai Roof
The Snake StrikesLead RP04/Jun/10Cobra Wall
Dozer DaysLead RP03/Jun/10The Nest
Ton Sai PlayboyLead RP02/Jun/10Ton Sai Roof
Burnt Offerings (First Pitch)Lead dog30/May/10Fire Wall
BoobtubeLead O/S30/May/10Fire Wall
The Lion KingLead RP24/May/10Dum's Kitchen
A Dengue Ate My DaveyLead RP11/May/10Butterfly Valley
Miaggi Box MakerLead RP11/May/10Butterfly Valley
You Enjoy MyselfLead RP09/May/10Butterfly Valley
50/50Lead β07/May/10Butterfly Valley
Windchime of the AntsLead RP06/May/10Butterfly Valley
Eggstreme ExposureLead O/S01/May/10The Egg
Rome to Hanoi ExpressLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Argentina's DelightLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Very TotLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Craker JackLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Elephant ManLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Where the wild things aren'tLead O/S??/May/10Butterfly Valley
Devil SticksLead RP28/Apr/10White Mountain
The Stone DogLead RP28/Apr/10White Mountain
The Dark Side of The Moon (pitch1)Lead β23/Apr/10Moon Hill
All The Kings HorsesLead O/S16/Apr/10The Egg
Chuck if ya want toLead RP16/Apr/10The Egg
Consolation PrizeLead O/S16/Apr/10The Egg
PickpocketLead RP13/Apr/10Lei Pi Shan
ArtemisLead RP12/Apr/10Moon Hill
Face RouteLead O/S10/Apr/10White Mountain
The ComediansLead O/S10/Apr/10White Mountain
Rooster BoosterLead O/S09/Apr/10The Egg
Poser's Lonely ReunionLead O/S09/Apr/10The Egg
Magic DropLead O/S27/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Bratup Jai (Impressed)Lead O/S08/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Jai rawn (Hot Headed)Lead O/S08/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Serial DrillaLead RP08/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
The GatekeeperLead O/S05/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
InfernoLead RP05/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Ants in my PantsLead O/S03/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
The Wasp FactoryLead O/S03/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
The Shining PathLead O/S03/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Uncontrolled BurningLead O/S03/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress
Crazy HotLead O/S01/Mar/10Crazy Horse Buttress