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Logbook for Mark Bull

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Derouillez-vous6a *Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
La Chasse d'eau5c **Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Glissouille5c ***Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Shake Land5a **Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Un drôle de bruit5c *Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Le Debutant4c *Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Reflexion5c **Lead O/SAl17/Oct/14Auzat
Roxanne5c Lead rptAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Pris d'court5a *Lead rptAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Mangatsik4c **Lead rptAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Vuki5c AltLd O/SAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Bassine5c ***Lead O/SAl15/Oct/14Auzat
La Sabine5c ***Lead rptAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Cartes sur Table6a Lead rptAl15/Oct/14Auzat
Amoureux5a Lead O/SAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Une émotion légère4c Lead O/SAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Emporté par le vent4a Lead O/SAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Je plane dans les étoiles3+ Lead O/SAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
'Nouvelle'5a **Lead rptAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
'Fissures'5c **Lead O/SAl14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Second souffle4c Lead rptAl, Gillian14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Nouvelles profiteroles6a **Lead rptAl14/Oct/14Ax les Thermes
Les sinsols5c **Lead rptAl12/Oct/14Calames
Theiere du jardin5a ***Lead rptAl, Gillian12/Oct/14Calames
Sette et uitte5a **Lead rptAl12/Oct/14Calames
Mamy confiture4a *Lead O/SAl, Gillian12/Oct/14Calames
Gazouillis4c *Lead rptAl, Gillian12/Oct/14Calames
Mouflette4c **Lead rptAl, Gillian12/Oct/14Calames
Cave RouteHS 4b ***Lead O/SAl28/Sep/14Huntly's Cave
Slot DirectS **Lead O/SAl28/Sep/14Huntly's Cave
Right-Hand GrooveVD *Lead O/SAl28/Sep/14Huntly's Cave
The Real McKay6a Lead rptGillian21/Sep/14Weem Crags
Staring at the Sun5c Lead rptGillian21/Sep/14Weem Crags
The Soup Dragon5a Lead rptGillian21/Sep/14Weem Crags
The Protection Racket6a *Lead dogGillian21/Sep/14Weem Crags
Lighten Up6a *Lead rptGillian21/Sep/14Weem Crags
Squirrel SlabVS 5a *2ndMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
SakiVS 4c *2ndMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
GuanoVS 5a **Lead rptMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
The LillyS **Lead rptMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
Gunga DinS **2ndMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
EurekaVS 5a *Lead rptMike17/Sep/14Hawkcraig
Route zero4c Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Bill and Benny the Flower Pot Men3 Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Benydorm5a Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Driven Round The Benny'd5c Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Benny and The Banshee's4a Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Benny Hill5c Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Scorchio5a *Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
Route 84a **Lead O/SGillian14/Sep/14Benny Beg
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