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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The FileVS 4c ***Lead dog10/May/15Higgar Tor
Great North RoadHVS 5a ***2nd O/S10/May/15Millstone Edge
Embankment 2VS 4c **Lead O/S10/May/15Millstone Edge
Embankment 3E1 5b ***2nd O/S10/May/15Millstone Edge
Bond StreetHVS 5a ***2nd O/S10/May/15Millstone Edge
Let That Be A Lesson4c *Lead O/S04/May/15Wintour's Leap
The Italian G6c Lead dog04/May/15Wintour's Leap
Much Zebu Crudness6b **Lead O/S04/May/15Wintour's Leap
Ankarana6a Lead O/S04/May/15Wintour's Leap
Dog of the Month6a+ Lead O/S04/May/15Wintour's Leap
Lean Dark Hombre6c+ Lead04/May/15Wintour's Leap
Rippled and Toned7a TR dog25/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Lean Dark Hombre6c+ TR rpt25/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Saudi air6b Lead O/S25/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Moving On Up6a *-25/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
ZeldaHS 4b ***-25/Apr/15Wintour's Leap
Terrazza CrackHVS 5a ***Lead dog19/Apr/15Stanage North
First SisterVS 4c **-19/Apr/15Stanage North
New Year's EveS 4a 2nd19/Apr/15Stanage North
Norse Corner ClimbHS 4c **-19/Apr/15Stanage North
Inaccessible CrackVS 4c **-19/Apr/15Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***-19/Apr/15Stanage North
Solid AirVS 4b -07/Apr/15Gull Rock - Marsland
Shivering TimbersVS 4c -07/Apr/15Gull Rock - Marsland
Seaward EdgeHS 4a *-07/Apr/15Gull Rock - Marsland
Wreckers' SlabVS 4b **-06/Apr/15Cornakey Cliff
Stormy WeatherHVS 5a *-06/Apr/15Cornakey Cliff
BenS 4a *-05/Apr/15Baggy Point
In Her EyesS 4a -05/Apr/15Baggy Point
KinkybootsVS 4c **-05/Apr/15Baggy Point
Birch Tree Wall VariationsHVS 5a **-02/Apr/15Black Rocks
Birch Tree WallVS 5a ***-02/Apr/15Black Rocks
Lone Tree GrooveVS 5a **Lead02/Apr/15Black Rocks
Lone Tree GullyS 4a **2nd02/Apr/15Black Rocks
Right AngleHS 4b ***-03/Sep/14Gurnard's Head
LetterboxS 4b -02/Sep/14Sennen
Corner ClimbVD *-02/Sep/14Sennen
Demo RouteHS 4b ***TR02/Sep/14Sennen
DoorwayS 4a *-02/Sep/14Bosigran
Pendulum ChimneyS 4b **-01/Sep/14Chair Ladder
TwinkletoesVS 4c *-31/Aug/14Baggy Point
Shangri-LaS 4a ***-31/Aug/14Baggy Point
UrizenVS 4c *Lead31/Aug/14Baggy Point
Lost HorizonVS 5a ***Lead31/Aug/14Baggy Point
Left Hand RouteHS 4b **Lead24/Aug/14Roaches Upper Tier
Right Hand RouteHS 4c **Lead24/Aug/14Roaches Upper Tier
Crack and CornerHS 4c ***Lead24/Aug/14Roaches Upper Tier
The BulgerVS 4c *Lead24/Aug/14Roaches Lower Tier
Right Hand RouteHS 4c **Lead20/Jul/14Roaches Upper Tier
Left Hand RouteHS 4b **2nd20/Jul/14Roaches Upper Tier