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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Like a Drowning Man4a *TR O/S29/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
No Smears Here6a+ *TR O/S29/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
She's Going Down6b+ *Lead O/S29/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
A Dream of White Porsches5a *TR O/S29/Apr/11Battleship Back Cliff
PhysiologyVD *Lead O/S20/Feb/10Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Traverse LeftVD ***Lead O/S20/Feb/10Stanage Popular
Cry WolfVD 2nd O/S27/Sep/09Shorn Cliff
Wolf WhistleS *Lead O/S27/Sep/09Shorn Cliff
Corner Buttress Route 1VD Lead O/S12/Sep/09Wintour's Leap
Bottle ButtressVD 3c *Lead O/S12/Sep/09Wintour's Leap
Central Rib Route IS 4a **Lead O/S05/Sep/09Wintour's Leap
FreedomVS 4c ***Lead O/S05/Sep/09Wintour's Leap
WogsHVD ***Lead O/S31/Jan/09Chudleigh Rocks
ReekHS 4b **Lead O/S31/Jan/09Chudleigh Rocks
Brixton RoadVD **Lead O/S19/Oct/08Millstone Edge
BoomerangS 4a *Lead O/S19/Oct/08Millstone Edge
Pegasus WallVS 4c *Lead O/S18/Oct/08Stanage Plantation
Paradise WallVS 4c ***Lead O/S18/Oct/08Stanage Plantation
Paradise CrackS 4a **Lead O/S18/Oct/08Stanage Plantation
Gardener's CrackD *Lead O/S18/Oct/08Stanage Plantation
Night RiderHS 4b *Lead O/S27/Sep/08Shorn Cliff
The Iron CurtainVS 4c *2nd O/S27/Sep/08Shorn Cliff
Heavy Plant CrossingVS 4c *Lead O/S27/Sep/08Shorn Cliff
ZeldaHS 4b ***Lead O/S30/Aug/08Wintour's Leap
Hell GatesHVS 5a ***2nd O/S24/Jul/08Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
Giant's Cave ButtressVS 4c **AltLd O/S31/May/08Avon Gorge (Amphitheatre)
Suspension Bridge AreteHVS 5a **2nd O/S31/May/08Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
CardiacVS 4c *2nd O/S24/May/08Wynd Cliff
Slab RouteS 4a *Lead O/S05/May/08Curbar Edge
Flying ButtressS 4a *Lead O/S05/May/08Curbar Edge
P.M.C.1HS 4a ***2nd O/S05/May/08Curbar Edge
Sail ButtressHS 4b **Lead O/S04/May/08Birchen Edge
Nelson's NemesisVS 4b ***Lead O/S04/May/08Birchen Edge
Sail ChimneyS 4a ***2nd O/S04/May/08Birchen Edge
Trafalgar CrackVD 4a **Lead O/S04/May/08Birchen Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **2nd O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Chequers ButtressHVS 5a ***2nd β03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Three Pebble SlabE1 5a ***2nd O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Tody's WallHVS 5a ***2nd O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Green GutHS 4a ***Lead O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Trapeze DirectVS 4c **Lead O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Heather WallHVD 3a ***Lead O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
Sunset CrackHS 4c **Lead O/S03/May/08Froggatt Edge
SleepwalkS 4a **AltLd O/S26/Apr/08Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Unknown WallVS 4c **2nd O/S25/Apr/08Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Parchment PassageVD *Lead O/S01/Dec/07Dinas Cromlech
Easy Gully WallS 4a Lead O/S04/Nov/07Roaches Upper Tier
Raven Rock Gully Left-handVS 4b *Lead β04/Nov/07Roaches Lower Tier
Hollybush CrackVS 4b **2nd O/S04/Nov/07Roaches Upper Tier
Jeffcoat's ButtressHS 5a **2nd O/S04/Nov/07Roaches Upper Tier