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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
SkyE2 5c **Lead O/S01/Jul/15Hodge Close Quarry
Joie De Vivre6b+ **Lead O/S01/Jul/15Hodge Close Quarry
Big Dipper/MirrormereE2 5b ***AltLd O/S30/Jun/15Hodge Close Quarry
Behind the LinesHVS 5a ***2nd β30/Jun/15Hodge Close Quarry
Forget me notE1 5a,5b **AltLd O/S29/Jun/15White Ghyll
White Ghyll EliminateE2 5c **AltLd O/S29/Jun/15White Ghyll
Haste NotVS 4c ***AltLd O/S29/Jun/15White Ghyll
Crew's RouteVS 4c ***Lead rpt28/Jun/15Hobson Moor Quarry
Foghorn GrooveVS 4c *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Hobson Moor Quarry
The HarpHS 4b *Lead O/S28/Jun/15Hobson Moor Quarry
Epitaph CornerVS 4b **Lead O/S28/Jun/15Hobson Moor Quarry
Hell GateVD **Solo O/S27/Jun/15Wharncliffe Crags
Long John's EliminateE2 5b *2nd β27/Jun/15Wharncliffe Crags
Hell Gate CrackHS 4b **Lead O/S27/Jun/15Wharncliffe Crags
Tower FaceHS 4b ***Lead O/S27/Jun/15Wharncliffe Crags
999HS 4c ***Lead O/S14/Jun/15Wilton 1
TarzanVD ***Lead O/S07/Jun/15Crag Lough
JezebelD ***Lead O/S07/Jun/15Crag Lough
Main WallHS ***Lead O/S07/Jun/15Crag Lough
In MemoriamE5 6a **Solo RP30/May/15Great Wolfrey
Crabbie's CrackHVS 5a ***2nd β25/May/15The Five Clouds
RubberneckHVS 5a ***Lead O/S25/May/15The Five Clouds
BlasphemyE4 6b Solo O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Banana WallE3 6a *Lead O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
The Great ChimneyHD *Lead O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Great Buttress AreteE1 5b ***2nd rpt24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab LeftVD *Solo O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab CentreHD *Solo O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab RightD *Solo O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
The Blue DefileVS 4b *Lead O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
HimmelswillenVS 4c ***Lead O/S24/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Pillar FrontE2 5b ***Lead O/S23/May/15Eastby Crag
HangsE4 6a 2nd β23/May/15Eastby Crag
StepoverMVS 4b Solo O/S23/May/15Eastby Crag
The PadderE1 5b *2nd rpt23/May/15Eastby Crag
Tall TalesVS 5c Solo O/S17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
Pedestal ChimneyD Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
Flake ChimneyHD Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
Flake Chimney and WallD Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
The NoseHVS 5c *Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
SnuffHVS 5b Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
Alcove CracksS 4a **Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
Alan's WallE1 5b Solo rpt17/May/15Scugdale - Barker's Crags
CastellanHVS 5b *Lead O/S16/May/15Eavestone Crag
Eavestone WallE3 6b ***2nd β16/May/15Eavestone Crag
Fat ChanceE3 5c *Lead O/S16/May/15Eavestone Crag
The AlamoE2 5b ***2nd β16/May/15Eavestone Crag
Alpha CrackM *Solo O/S10/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Beta CrackS 4a **Lead O/S10/May/15Wharncliffe Crags
Great Buttress AreteE1 5b ***Lead O/S10/May/15Wharncliffe Crags