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NameStyleDate Crag name
Babes in ThailandLead O/S??/Feb/14Ton Sai Roof
Germans in TightsLead??/Feb/14Ton Sai Roof
Lal BabLead??/Feb/14Ton Sai Roof
Cafe AndamanLead??/Feb/14Ton Sai Roof
Tiger QueenLead O/S??/Jan/14Dum's Kitchen
Little WonderlandSent??/Nov/13Nesscliffe
Between the LinesSent??/Sep/13Huntsham Crags
Peckitt roofSent??/Sep/13Huntsham Crags
The Rise And Fall Of The SplasherSent??/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Right Eye SocketSent??/Jun/13Huntsham Crags
Left hookSent??/May/13Huntsham Crags
Alex's RoofSent??/May/13Huntsham Crags
Made By MagicSent??/May/13Dinas Rock
Low BlowSent??/Apr/13Huntsham Crags
SalukiSent??/Apr/13Dinas Rock
Ames LowSent??/Apr/13Huntsham Crags
The PortholeSent??/Apr/13Huntsham Crags
Nadin's TraverseSent??/Mar/13Roaches Upper Tier
Sleeping with the FlowersSent??/Mar/13Roaches Upper Tier
The GutterSent??/Mar/13Roaches Lower Tier
Did Nick Tick?Sent??/Mar/13Nesscliffe
Basher's Problem Right-HandSent??/Mar/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Saline Drip (Sit Start)Sent??/Mar/13Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Running With The BullsLead??/Feb/13Mountain Quarry
Hang TenLead??/Jan/13Mountain Quarry
Kid RockLead??/Jan/13Stathams Quarry
Morning gloryLead??/Jan/13Stathams Quarry
Where's My HippoSent??/Sep/12Pill Box Wall
Pete's RouteSent??/Aug/12Nesscliffe
The HighlifeSent??/Aug/12Parisella's Cave
Simple SimonSent??/Aug/12Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Wright's UnconquerableSent??/Aug/12Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)
Stay CoolSent??/Jul/12Nesscliffe
Lizard King MiddleSent??/Jul/12Craig Y Llwyfan
Barrel TraverseSent??/Jul/12Dinas Mot
Cave Life Short - LWHSent??/Jun/12Parisella's Cave
The Mongrel MobSent??/Jun/12Dinas Rock
EvolutionSent??/Jun/12Dinas Rock
Kyloe InSent??/Jun/12Nesscliffe
Lou FerrinoSent??/Jun/12Parisella's Cave
Taylor MadeSent??/May/12Dinas Rock
Boy RacerSent??/May/12Dinas Rock
Rock Atrocity - wobbly block startSent??/Apr/12Parisella's Cave
Awesome ShedSent??/Mar/12Dinas Rock
The Life of FyfeSent29/Feb/12Dinas Rock
Fat Cat RoofSent14/Feb/12Dinas Rock
The GrooveSent08/Jan/12Dinas Rock
Gentle Jess Sit Down StartSent21/Nov/11Dinas Rock
Barrel TraverseSolo05/Nov/11Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)
Voyage of the Parrot FishSolo05/Nov/11Barrel Zawn (aka Caerbwda Bay)