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NameStyleDate Crag name
Hugh Herr RoofSent O/S23/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
The Clune CrankSent O/S23/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Gill Pinch RoofSent x23/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Low TraverseSent O/S23/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
RetributionLead O/S22/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
ApoplexyLead O/S22/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Kens CrackLead O/S22/Aug/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
The BuddhaSent β08/Jul/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Andrews's LeapSent x08/Jul/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Andrew Boulder ProblemSent x08/Jul/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
LL RoofSent x08/Jul/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Black Boulder Problem-30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Dislocator RoofSent O/S30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Tweaky CrackSent O/S30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
TweedledumSent O/S30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Blasting hole problemSent O/S30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
The Dark BulgeSent O/S30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Larson's LeapSent x30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Goldstone TraverseSent x30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Lynn Hill's TraverseSent x30/Jun/12The Trapps (Shawangunks)
Somos PeligrososLead RP20/Feb/12La Marea
Coses de la LibertiaLead RP20/Feb/12La Marea
Manos de lagartijaLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Farlopa pa la tropaLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Peligrosa MariaLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Las Sanguijuelas tambien duermenLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
?Donde esta judas?Lead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Patitis tarralLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
El rasta que pastaLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
La conjura de los neciosLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Sueño de libertadLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Manute parabolLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
El truliLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Johny cogio su fusilLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Cagate coritoLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Escalera al cieloLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
UrpinLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
Tupia en los bosquesLead O/S20/Feb/12La Marea
The Rib (Guerrera)Lead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Crisis De IdentidadLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Para Que Disfrute La CanallaLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Tipo PolokiLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Poum Poum Ram RamLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Bohem DestrellLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Nombre PropioLead rpt09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
BolondroLead O/S09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
GeishaLead O/S09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Programa GenocidaLead O/S09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
Unknown 6a To Right Of The RibLead O/S09/Feb/12Las Encantadas
SolariumLead RP??/Feb/12Frontales Medias