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Logbook for C coldwell-storry

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NameStyleDate Crag name
BlueSent β22/Jan/15Rocktown
Golden ShowerSent β22/Jan/15Rocktown
Double TroubleSent β22/Jan/15Rocktown
SpaceSent x21/Jan/15Little Rock City
RedhouseSent x21/Jan/15Little Rock City
HulkSent x21/Jan/15Little Rock City
Shiver me timbersSent x21/Jan/15Little Rock City
Shiver me timbers right handSent x21/Jan/15Little Rock City
Face in the crowdSent β21/Jan/15Little Rock City
LawdogSent x18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Chatnooga TeamSent β18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Red NeckSent β18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Cuts like a KnifeSent β18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
PopeyeSent x18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
SliderSent x18/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
DeceptionSent x16/Jan/15Little Rock City
GrimaceSent β16/Jan/15Little Rock City
HeroinSent x16/Jan/15Little Rock City
JunkieSent β16/Jan/15Little Rock City
White trashSent β16/Jan/15Little Rock City
SymmetrySent x16/Jan/15Little Rock City
Crack of DoomSent β16/Jan/15Little Rock City
The SternumSent x16/Jan/15Little Rock City
Great WhiteSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Mortal KombatSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
MulletinoSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Drain PipeSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Satanic versesSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
I hate CopsSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
MillipedeSent x14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
CentipedeSent β14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Bum BoySent x14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
Short longSent x14/Jan/15Horse Pens 40
RambeauSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
Sole PowerSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
NarcissusSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
Benign LivesSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
Business LunchSent x04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
McNab (ss)Sent x02/Jan/15Lord's Seat
McNabSent β02/Jan/15Lord's Seat
Problem 9 (Pure Gold Area)Sent x02/Jan/15Lord's Seat
Free RangeSent x02/Jan/15Hen Stones
Bird FluSent β02/Jan/15Hen Stones
Hen AreteSent x02/Jan/15Hen Stones
Hen PeckedSent β02/Jan/15Hen Stones
Detachment TheorySolo RP30/Dec/14Crookrise
Where The Wild Things AreSent x28/Dec/14Eskdale Fisherground
Rob's WallSent x28/Dec/14Eskdale Fisherground
Strong AreteSent β28/Dec/14Eskdale Fisherground
The DiamondSent β28/Dec/14Eskdale Fisherground
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