1,130 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Purple Hazef7A ***Sent x08/Aug/15Tintagel North
All along the Watchtowerf7B **Sent x08/Aug/15Tintagel North
Grand Operaf7C+ ***Sent x25/Jul/15The Bowderstone
Downstairs Mixupf8A **Sent x18/Jul/15Sour Milk Boulders
Tourniquetf7C+ ***Sent x11/Jul/15Kentmere Boulders
Lambrini Girlf7C **Sent x14/Jun/15Sour Milk Boulders
Saturn Vf7B **Sent x14/Jun/15Sour Milk Boulders
Rainbow Islandf7A **Sent x14/Jun/15Sour Milk Boulders
Wildingf7B ***Sent β04/Jun/15Dunnerdale Boulders
The Newfield Riotf7B+ **Sent x04/Jun/15Dunnerdale Boulders
Giant Jengaf7B+ *Sent x04/Jun/15Dunnerdale Boulders
Bumblee in the Jungleef7C ***Sent x04/Jun/15Dunnerdale Boulders
Biological Need7c ***Lead RP17/May/15Kilnsey
Crna Gradnja8a Lead RP12/May/15Osp
Buzecanke7a Lead β08/May/15Buzetski Kanjon
Night Club7a+ Lead O/S08/May/15Buzetski Kanjon
Beach Club Macumba7b Lead RP08/May/15Buzetski Kanjon
Befana7c Lead β08/May/15Buzetski Kanjon
Active Discharge8a Lead RP03/May/15Osp
Troja8a+ Lead RP01/May/15Osp
Trojanski Konj7c+ Lead RP29/Apr/15Osp
Mai una Gioia7b+ Lead β26/Apr/15Osp
Puzza di Cipolla7b Lead RP26/Apr/15Osp
ToeJam & Earlf7C **Sent x21/Apr/15Carrock Fell crag
Stefan Grossman SSV11 **Sent x16/Apr/15Langdale Boulders
Gravitronf7B+ ***Sent x11/Apr/15Ansteys Cove Area Bouldering
Paul's Problemf6C+ **Sent β11/Apr/15Ansteys Cove Area Bouldering
Stefan GrossmanV9 ***Sent x20/Mar/15Langdale Boulders
The Crack SDSf7A+ **Sent β19/Mar/15Coniston Bouldering
The Crackf6B ***Sent β19/Mar/15Coniston Bouldering
Open Range (stand)f7B *Sent x19/Mar/15Coniston Bouldering
bus stopf7B+ **Sent x14/Mar/15Cromlech boulders
Cosmic WheelsV9 6c ***Sent x14/Mar/15Mallory Boulder
Block and TackleV2 ***Sent β08/Mar/15Little Rock City
TristarV4 ***Sent β08/Mar/15Little Rock City
Now and ZenV7 ***Sent x08/Mar/15Little Rock City
CastawayV7 ***Sent x08/Mar/15Little Rock City
Mr softyV1 ***Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
PitfallV6 **Sent x07/Mar/15Rocktown
Full CircleV4 Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
Swamp SauceV8 **Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
The ScoopV3 ***Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
Sherman RoofV7 Sent x07/Mar/15Rocktown
The HobbitV5 Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
Nose CandyV6 Sent β07/Mar/15Rocktown
OsirisV10 ***Sent x06/Mar/15Mountain brook Boulders
Western GoldV11 ***Sent x05/Mar/15Dayton pocket
OdysseyV9 ***Sent x23/Feb/15Little Rock City
CyclopsV6 ***Sent β20/Feb/15Little Rock City
Watermelon SlabV7 **Sent β19/Feb/15Little Rock City