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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
A Question of Balance f7B ** Sent x 20/Jun Rocklands
Ulan Batar f7B *** Sent β 17/Jun Rocklands
Schwupp f7A+ *** Sent β 16/Jun Rocklands
Basic Instinct f8A+ *** Sent x 13/Jun Rocklands
Timeout f7C *** Sent x 13/Jun Rocklands
Wills Problem f7C ** Sent x 11/Jun Rocklands
Splash of Red f7C+ *** Sent x 11/Jun Rocklands
Running out of turbo f7B+ *** Sent x 09/Jun Rocklands
The Fin f7A *** Sent β 08/Jun Rocklands
Shadow of Ourselves f7C Sent x 08/Jun Rocklands
The Amphitheatre f8A+ *** Sent x 07/Jun Rocklands
Kangourou Volant f7B *** Sent x 04/Jun Rocklands
Kronstadt f7A * Sent x 04/Jun Rocklands
Ravachol f7A * Sent x 04/Jun Rocklands
L'odyssee f7A ** Sent x 04/Jun Rocklands
Welcome To Rocklands f6C *** Sent β 03/Jun Rocklands
Last day in Paradise f7C Sent x 03/Jun Rocklands
Technicolour dreamcoat f7C *** Sent x 01/Jun Rocklands
Weichei f7C+ Sent x 30/May Rocklands
Maniac f7B Sent x 28/May Rocklands
Panic Room f7A+ Sent x 28/May Rocklands
Gegen Den Wind f7A+ *** Sent x 28/May Rocklands
Kiesl f7A Sent x 28/May Rocklands
Stretched and Pressed f7C+ Sent x 27/May Rocklands
Winnie f7C Sent x 27/May Rocklands