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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bella ruta4a *Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
Ocho fixe4a *Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
Hanma4a Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
Uroma3 Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
La roja quatro3 *Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
La roja seis5c Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
El endo4a *Lead O/S20/May/15Sierra de Toix
La roja una3 *Lead O/S17/May/15Sierra de Toix
La roja dos4a *Lead O/S17/May/15Sierra de Toix
Bernd4a *Lead O/S17/May/15Sierra de Toix
Respeta L'Entorn5c Lead16/May/15Guadalest
Glopet de Mel5c Lead RP16/May/15Guadalest
Aitana6a+ TR RP16/May/15Guadalest
Asombroso3+ *Lead O/S15/May/15Sierra de Toix
Costilla4c *Lead O/S15/May/15Sierra de Toix
La roja tres5a *Lead O/S15/May/15Sierra de Toix
La cagona4c *Lead O/S15/May/15Sierra de Toix
Help for Heroes6b *Lead RP15/May/15Sierra de Toix
Rock Lobster4c Lead09/May/15The Cuttings
Definitely Maybe6a+ *Lead09/May/15The Cuttings
Little Chef5c *Lead09/May/15The Cuttings
Tombstone3+ **Lead27/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Valerie's Patio3 Lead27/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Tug on This Jody7a *Lead O/S18/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Heavens Above7b Lead RP18/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Look West & Find Salvation7a+ *Lead RP18/Apr/15Cheyne Wears Area
Chapter and Verse4a Lead14/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Even Nicer6b Lead RP07/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Drilling in the Name6b+ **Lead RP07/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Robin Crack5c Lead01/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Fallen Angel5a Lead01/Mar/15Cheyne Wears Area
Portrait of a Lady6c+ TR RP14/Feb/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Beauty of Decay6b+ TR RP08/Feb/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Secret Garden6b+ Lead RP08/Feb/15Cheyne Wears Area
Can You See Scratchy Bottom?6a+ Lead RP02/Jan/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Clicking of Her Needles Spelled Doom6b+ Lead RP02/Jan/15Cheyne Wears Area
The Clicking of Her Needles Spelled Doom6b+ TR RP27/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
Blood on the Rocks6a Lead27/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
Slap and Tickle6a+ Lead O/S07/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
Suspiria de Profundis6b Lead RP06/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
The Hangover6a Lead RP06/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
Read The Sign5b Lead O/S06/Dec/14Cheyne Wears Area
Return of the Gecko6c Lead RP22/Nov/14Cheyne Wears Area
Buzzin'6b+ Lead RP15/Nov/14Cheyne Wears Area
Dungecroft Delight5a *Lead15/Nov/14Cheyne Wears Area
The Alpha and The Omega3+ *Lead15/Nov/14Cheyne Wears Area
Last Ditch Effort5b Lead β09/Nov/14Cheyne Wears Area
Heroes of Swanage5c Lead19/Oct/14Cheyne Wears Area
No Smears Here6a+ *Lead27/Sep/14Battleship Back Cliff
State of Love and Trust6c *Lead RP13/Sep/14The Cuttings