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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Crackstone RibS 4a ***AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Carreg Wastad
The WrinkleVD **AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Carreg Wastad
SkylonHS 4b *AltLd O/S27/Jun/15Carreg Wastad
Grotto SlabD *Solo O/S17/May/15Stanage Popular
Manchester ButtressHS 4b ***Lead O/S17/May/15Stanage Popular
Crack and CornerS 4b ***Lead O/S17/May/15Stanage Popular
Black Hawk Hell CrackS 4a ***Lead O/S17/May/15Stanage Popular
Luke Skywalker4a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
Supplementary Question (Slab and Corner)4c Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
Into the Labyrinth6a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
Dr. Who?6a Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
By Zeus6a+ Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
School's Out6a+ *Lead O/S26/Apr/15Horseshoe Quarry
Puttrell's ProgressS 4a **Lead O/S22/Apr/15Wharncliffe Crags
Tower FaceHS 4b ***Lead O/S22/Apr/15Wharncliffe Crags
Owl WallHS 4a Lead O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
MangoHS 4a *Lead O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Canine MeanderE2 5b *TR O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
MurrenHS 4b Lead O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
SestoVD Lead O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
MestreS 4a Lead O/S19/Apr/15Pot Hole Quarry (Three...
Crib Lem Spur (Llech Ddu Spur)1 ***-18/Apr/15Llech Ddu (Black Slab)
Handjam CrackS *Lead rpt09/Apr/15Twistleton Scars
MedusaS Lead O/S09/Apr/15Twistleton Scars
Curving CrackVS 5a ***Lead O/S09/Apr/15Twistleton Scars
Evening StarS ***Lead O/S09/Apr/15Twistleton Scars
Crescent ClimbM *AltLd O/S29/Mar/15Pavey Ark
Cummin's RouteHVS 5b Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Christopher RobinHS 4b Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Pinnacle ChimneyD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Double MantleshelfVD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Flaky WallHS 4b Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Left WallHVD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Two ChockstonesD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Right OverhangD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Welcome WallVS 4b Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Tommy's DilemmaVD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Gypsy WhamHD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Tea Party SlabVS 5a Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Right Edge (II)VS 5b Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Chockstone Pull UpD Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Slanting FlakeHS 4b **Sent28/Mar/15Slipstones
Campsite CrackS 4a **Lead O/S22/Mar/15Agden Rocher
PickV0- 4c Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
PockV2 6a ***Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
Big Flake Sitter/SepticV1 5c Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
Sitdown AreteV2 5c Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
Big FlakesV0- 4b Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
Reachy WallV1 5b Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders
Vague RibV2 5c Sent20/Mar/15Burbage South Valley Boulders