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NameStyleDate Crag name
Biological NeedLead rpt08/Jul/14Kilnsey
Contusion ExtensionLead O/S07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
BloodsportsLead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Harry the ClampLead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
The BloodsLead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Axle AttackLead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Brush With a GoatLead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Boogie WonderlandLead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Disco InfernoLead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Distant LandsLead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Hardcore EcstasyLead RP06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Far CountryLead RP06/Jul/14Trow Gill
The QuarrywomanLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Ryan's RouteLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
snowdropLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
70 degreesLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Go With the FlowLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
The Double HelixLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Blitzy's JugLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Flowstone ShuffleLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
clogau goldLead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
School MamLead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
School Mam with original startLead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Cakewalk DirectLead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
The CakewalkLead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Route 3Lead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Route 2Lead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Route 1Lead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Driving the DumperLead O/S15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Cross WindsLead RP15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Solid 6Lead RP15/Jun/14Castle Inn Quarry
Llanddulas DitchwaterLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Name of the PoseLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
ClipterfynLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Runout GrooveLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Field of DreamsLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Construction of MeaningLead O/S11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
MudjekeewisLead RP11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
sticky fingersLead RP11/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
spider miteLead O/S08/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Pearl from the ShellLead O/S08/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
SearchingLead O/S08/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
El TigreLead O/S08/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
PC wimpoutLead O/S08/Jun/14Llanddulas Cave
Mr NiceLead RP01/Jun/14Kilnsey
On a Swing and a PrayerLead O/S18/May/14The Gallery
Infantile DisorderLead O/S18/May/14The Gallery
Stagger LeeLead O/S18/May/14The Gallery
Intimate StrangersLead O/S18/May/14The Gallery
Renaissance ManLead O/S18/May/14The Gallery