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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Illywacker7b+ **Lead RP25/May/15Giggleswick North
Ramp Raiders6b **Lead O/S25/May/15Giggleswick North
Northern Sole6a *Lead O/S25/May/15Giggleswick North
Dyperspace7c **Lead RP23/May/15Dinbren Crags
This Vision Thing7b *Lead RP23/May/15Dinbren Crags
Baby Crusher7b *Lead RP23/May/15Dinbren Crags
Consenting Adults7a **Lead rpt20/May/15Malham Cove
The Bandits7b+ ***Lead RP13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Con-Dem-Nation6c *Lead O/S13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Resist and Exist6b *Lead O/S13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Where's the Presidents Brain6b+ *Lead O/S13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Hot Stuff7a *Lead O/S13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Silly Games7a+ Lead O/S13/May/15Dinbren Crags
Rose Coronary7a *Lead rpt08/Apr/15Malham Cove
Wasted Youth7b **Lead rpt08/Apr/15Malham Cove
Consenting Adults7a **Lead rpt08/Apr/15Malham Cove
Wipe Out7a *Lead O/S05/Apr/15Empire Crag
Nursery Crimes6c+ *Lead O/S05/Apr/15Empire Crag
Bodysnatchers7a *Lead O/S05/Apr/15Empire Crag
Cradlesnatchers6c **Lead O/S05/Apr/15Empire Crag
Flatliners6c+ *Lead O/S05/Apr/15Empire Crag
Down by the Sea7a+ *Lead RP04/Apr/15Lower Pen Trwyn
Life's a Beach7b Lead RP04/Apr/15Lower Pen Trwyn
Contusion6c **Lead O/S22/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
Senile Penile Extension7b+ **Lead O/S22/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
Mayfair7a+ **Lead O/S22/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
Captain Percival6a+ *Lead O/S22/Mar/15Pen Trwyn
I Punched Judy First7b+ ***Lead RP08/Mar/15Dinbren Crags
Technicolour Yawn7a+ ***Lead RP08/Mar/15Dinbren Crags
Walking with Barrence7b ***Lead RP08/Mar/15Dinbren Crags
Obsession7b+ ***Lead rpt27/Jan/15Malham Cove
Biological Need7c ***Lead rpt08/Jul/14Kilnsey
Axle Attack7a+ ***Lead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
The Bloods7a+ **Lead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Harry the Clamp7a+ *Lead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Bloodsports7b ***Lead RP07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Contusion Extension6c+ ***Lead O/S07/Jul/14Pen Trwyn
Far Country7b **Lead RP06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Hardcore Ecstasy7b **Lead RP06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Brush With a Goat7a **Lead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Boogie Wonderland6a **Lead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Disco Inferno6b+ *Lead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
Distant Lands7a **Lead O/S06/Jul/14Trow Gill
clogau gold7a *Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
The Quarrywoman6b+ ***Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Ryan's Route6a+ *Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
snowdrop6a+ **Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
70 degrees6c+ *Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
Go With the Flow6a *Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head
The Double Helix6a+ *Lead O/S05/Jul/14Penmaen Head