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NameStyleDate Crag name
The OdysseyLead O/S??/Oct/11Kawakawa Bay
ScyllaLead O/S??/Aug/08The King Rat Cliffs
Marmots MallSolo rpt??/Aug/08Declaration Crag
Hell for LeatherSolo rpt??/Aug/08The Atridae
D MinorSolo rpt??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
MuldoonSolo rpt??/Aug/08The Atridae
PiccoloSolo rpt??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
The WraithLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
Comic ReliefLead O/S??/Aug/08The Far Northern Group
SkydiverLead O/S??/Aug/08The King Rat Cliffs
The WraithLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
Little ThorLead O/S??/Aug/08Declaration Crag
Christian CrackLead O/S??/Aug/08Colosseum Wall
Mind GamesLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Left Side
Bam BamLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Left Side
Electric WarriorLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Right Side,...
Fly Lichen EagleLead O/S??/Aug/08The Watchtower Faces
The DesiredLead O/S??/Aug/08Bard Buttress
ElectraLead O/S??/Aug/08The Atridae
LemmingtonLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
TanninLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
F SharpLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
Possibly BeautifulLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Left Side
MorfyddLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Right Side,...
Quo VadisLead O/S??/Aug/08The Bluffs
PoppiesLead O/S??/Aug/08Bard Buttress
TarantulaLead O/S??/Aug/08Voodoo Area
LemmingtonLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
XILead O/S??/Aug/08Fang Buttress and Surrounds
EntertainerLead O/S??/Aug/08The Far Northern Group
The RackLead O/S??/Aug/08Colosseum Wall
I'm a Little DinosaurLead O/S??/Aug/08The King Rat Cliffs
King RatLead O/S??/Aug/08The King Rat Cliffs
AardvarkLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
CantataLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
FangLead O/S??/Aug/08Fang Buttress and Surrounds
AristocratLead O/S??/Aug/08The Bluffs
ScorpionLead O/S??/Aug/08The Bluffs
EurydiceLead O/S??/Aug/08Bard Buttress
Death RowLead O/S??/Aug/08The Pharos
Tales of Brave UlyssesLead O/S??/Aug/08The Watchtower Faces
SkinkLead O/S??/Aug/08The Watchtower Faces
MariLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Right Side,...
Surface to AirLead O/S??/Aug/08The Atridae
MaximusLead O/S??/Aug/08Fang Buttress and Surrounds
Moby DickLead O/S??/Aug/08Central Gully Left Side
CrescendoLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
Missing LinkLead O/S??/Aug/08The Bluffs
LibrettoLead O/S??/Aug/08The Organ Pipes
Watchtower CrackLead O/S??/Aug/08The Watchtower Faces