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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Fouska7a+ *Lead RP 22/Sep/14Odyssey
Why Not?6b+ *Lead RP 22/Sep/14Odyssey
Femio6a+ **Lead O/S 22/Sep/14Odyssey
Ekavi6a+ ***Lead O/S 22/Sep/14Iliada
Beautiful Helen6a+ ***Lead O/S 22/Sep/14Iliada
Eros7b+ ***Lead RP 20/Sep/14Arhi
Kastor7a ***Lead O/S 20/Sep/14Arhi
Monolith6b+ ***Lead O/S 20/Sep/14Arhi
Black Snake6b **Lead O/S 20/Sep/14Arhi
Nestoras7a ***Lead O/S 19/Sep/14Iliada
Ektor6c ***Lead O/S 19/Sep/14Iliada
Friends6b+ *Lead O/S 19/Sep/14Summertime
Tsopanakos6a **Lead O/S 18/Sep/14Afternoon
My long holiday6c *Lead RP 18/Sep/14Afternoon
Asklipios6c *Lead O/S 18/Sep/14Afternoon
DNA7a ***Lead RP 18/Sep/14Grande Grotta
Aphrodite7a **Lead β 18/Sep/14Grande Grotta
The Beginning at the End7b+ **Lead RP 18/Sep/14The Spartan Walls
Harlem Nights7b+ **Lead RP 16/Sep/14The Spartan Walls
Panakia6c **Lead O/S 16/Sep/14Afternoon
Bye Bye Doc6c ***Lead O/S 16/Sep/14Afternoon
Janas Kitchen6b ***Lead O/S 16/Sep/14Afternoon
Blu6a *Lead O/S 16/Sep/14Afternoon
Orea Dana6a+ **Lead O/S 14/Sep/14Summertime
Til Tanit5c *Lead O/S 14/Sep/14Summertime
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/S 14/Sep/14Summertime
Maccabi6b+ **Lead O/S 14/Sep/14Summertime
Elefantenhimmel7a ***Lead O/S 13/Sep/14Grande Grotta
Hibiscus Market (part 1)5c *Lead O/S 13/Sep/14The Spartan Walls
Hocla6a **Lead O/S 12/Sep/14Kastelli
Pillar of the Sea6a+ **Lead O/S 12/Sep/14Kastelli
Krotdebiki7b Lead RP 12/Sep/14Kastelli
M.A.O. (ex Via Alp)5c **Lead O/S 11/Sep/14Poets
O brothers6b+ Lead O/S 11/Sep/14Poets
Reins Beaux6c+ ***Lead O/S 11/Sep/14Poets
Isidora6c **Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Symblegades Petres
Carlo Juliana6a **Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Symblegades Petres
Drama6a+ ***Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Symblegades Petres
Homo sapiens6c ***Lead O/S 10/Sep/14Symblegades Petres
Maniacf7B Sent 23/Jul/14Rocklands
Kieslf7A Sent 23/Jul/14Rocklands
Dirty Liesf7A+ Sent 23/Jul/14Rocklands
Minkyf7B **Sent 22/Jul/14Rocklands
Creeperf7A **Sent β 22/Jul/14Rocklands
Human Energyf7A+ Sent 22/Jul/14Rocklands
The Skinkf7B *Sent 21/Jul/148 Day Rain
Witness The Sicknessf8A Sent 20/Jul/14Rocklands
Poison Dwarff7B Sent 20/Jul/14Rocklands
When The Day Breaksf7B+ Sent 16/Jul/14Rocklands
Herbief8A Sent 10/Jul/14Rocklands
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