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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Nightcrawler 5.10c AltLd β 16/Mar/15 Juniper Canyon
Roto Hammer 5.10c ** 2nd 11/Mar/15 Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Bighorn Buttress 5.11a ** 2nd O/S 07/Mar/15 Willow Springs
American Sportsman 5.10c ** 2nd dog 26/Feb/15 Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Fistful of Potash 5.10b *** Lead RP 07/Feb/15 Wall Street - Wall Street
Kor Ingalls Route 5.9 *** 2nd β 06/Feb/15 Castle Valley - Castleton...
Lonely Vigil 5.10b 2nd dog 05/Feb/15 River Road Crags - The...
Lucy in the Sky with Potash 5.10a 2nd dog 04/Feb/15 Wall Street - Wall Street
Ames Ice Hose WI-5+ *** 2nd O/S 03/Feb/15 Ames
Stairway to Heaven WI-4 *** AltLd O/S 01/Feb/15 Eureka
OD'd On Ice WI-5+ 2nd O/S 31/Jan/15 Ouray Ice Park
Horsetail Falls WI-4+ AltLd O/S 30/Jan/15 Red Mountain Pass
Brass Tracks Right WI-4+ 2nd O/S 29/Jan/15 Ouray Ice Park
Brass Tacks Left WI-4+ 2nd O/S 29/Jan/15 Ouray Ice Park
Sunscream WI-5 2nd dog 29/Jan/15 Ouray Ice Park
Treasure of the Sierra Madre 5.10c AltLd 25/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Two Pumped Chump 5.11a *** AltLd O/S 25/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Estrellita 5.10b ** AltLd O/S 24/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Send It Pink Pocket Express 5.11a *** 2nd RP 23/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
La Presa 5.11b ** 2nd dnf 22/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
La Ola 5.10b * Lead RP 22/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
UberMachismo 5.11a * 2nd 21/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Motavision 5.10d *** 2nd 21/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Pancho Villa Rides Again 5.10c *** Lead RP 21/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico
Flying Scorpion 5.10b ** 2nd 20/Jan/15 El Potrero Chico