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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Next Century5.10d **AltLdAl Benson14/Oct/14 Pine Creek Canyon
Y2K5.10b AltLdAl Benson14/Oct/14 Pine Creek Canyon
The Gobbler5.10a AltLdAl Benson13/Oct/14Black Velvet Canyon
La Cierta Edad5.10c **AltLd dnfAl Benson26/Sep/14Icebox Canyon
Panty Raid5.10a ***2ndAl Benson17/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Silk Panties5.7 2ndAl Benson17/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Sacred Undergarment Squeeze Job5.8 **2ndAl Benson17/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Boxer Rebellion5.7 *2ndAl Benson17/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
The Last Panty5.7 2ndAl Benson17/Sep/14Calico Hills, First Pullout
Orange Man5.10c **LeadAl Benson15/Jul/14Low Profile Dome
Darth Vader's Revenger5.10a **2ndAl Benson15/Jul/14Low Profile Dome
North Ridge5.6 ***AltLdAl Benson14/Jul/14Mount Conness
Tombstone Terror5.10c ***2ndAl Benson12/Jul/14Lover's Leap (Tahoe, USA)
Power Lust5.11a *2ndAl Benson12/Jul/14Lover's Leap (Tahoe, USA)
Corrugation Corner5.7 ***LeadAl Benson12/Jul/14Lover's Leap (Tahoe, USA)
Candyland5.10c ***2ndAl Benson11/Jul/14Phantom Spires
Over Easy5.7 ***2ndAl Benson11/Jul/14Phantom Spires
Traverse from South to North5.7 ***AltLdAl Benson08/Jul/14Matthes Crest
Life in the Cretaceous5.10a ***2ndAl Benson07/Jul/14East Cottage Dome
Disintergrations5.10d 2ndAl Benson07/Jul/14East Cottage Dome
Orange Plasma5.11a 2ndAl Benson07/Jul/14East Cottage Dome
Linda's Sandbag5.8 **TRAl Benson07/Jul/14East Cottage Dome
Flintstone5.10b 2ndAl Benson07/Jul/14East Cottage Dome
OZ5.10d ***2ndAl Benson06/Jul/14Drug Dome
Regular Route5.10b ***2ndAl Benson04/Jul/14Third Pillar of Dana
South Crack5.8 ***AltLdAl Benson03/Jul/14Stately Pleasure Dome
Michael Angelo5.11b 2ndAl Benson24/Jun/14Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Bonaire5.9 *2ndAl Benson24/Jun/14Calico Hills, Second Pullout
American Wet Dream5.10b r **2nd O/SAl Benson07/Jun/14Mountaineer's Dome
West Crack5.9 *AltLd O/SAl Benson06/Jun/14Daff Dome - West Face
Mic's Master5.10d 2ndAl Benson29/May/14Calico Hills, Sandstone Quarry
Agent Orange5.12b **2ndAl Benson29/May/14Calico Hills, Sandstone Quarry
Sonic Youth5.11d ***2ndAl Benson29/May/14Calico Hills, Sandstone Quarry
Bubblicious5.11d **2nd dogAl Benson27/May/14Mt. Charleston
Unnamed5.10b 2nd dogAl Benson27/May/14Mt. Charleston
Roto Hammer5.10c **Lead dogJason Piaretti25/May/14Calico Hills, Second Pullout
April Fools5.10b Lead dogJason Piaretti25/May/14Calico Hills, Second Pullout
Lotta Balls5.8 AltLd O/SJason Piaretti24/May/14First Creek Canyon &...
Poker ChipsV0+ **- 22/May/14Kraft Boulders
Potato ChipsV3 **- 22/May/14Kraft Boulders
Dream of Wild Turkeys5.10a ***AltLd O/SAl Benson19/May/14Black Velvet Canyon
Five Finger Discount5.11d *2ndAl Benson18/May/14Mt. Charleston
Los Banditos5.11c 2ndAl Benson18/May/14Mt. Charleston
The Rooster5.10c **Lead O/SAl Benson18/May/14Mt. Charleston
The Great Train Robbery (first lower off)5.11b *2nd O/SAl Benson18/May/14Mt. Charleston
Pinhead5.10b Lead dnfAlex, Dolev10/May/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Pinhead5.10b 2nd rptAlex, Dolev10/May/14Wall Street - Wall Street
30 Seconds of Potash5.8 **Lead O/SAlex, Dolev10/May/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Owl Rock5.8 ***2nd O/SAlex, Dolev10/May/14Arches National Park - Owl...
Evening Ecstacy5.9 ***LeadHaidi Stanke09/May/14Indian Creek
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