41 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
White Wall2nd O/S25/Jul/11Craig Caerfai
The Bryn2nd O/S25/Jul/11Craig Caerfai
Orogeny2nd O/S25/Jul/11Craig Caerfai
Armorican2nd O/S25/Jul/11Craig Caerfai
Cygneture TuneLead dog05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
Match PlayLead O/S05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
Chopping BlockTR O/S05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
Harry LimestoneTR dog05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
Swan HuntersTR dnf05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
The Mute SwanTR O/S05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
In the RoughTR dnf05/Sep/10Giggleswick South
Vegetable Rights2nd O/S11/Aug/10Porth-Clais
FriezeTR O/S11/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Sea RiderTR O/S11/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Dreamboat AnnieTR O/S11/Aug/10Porth-Clais
Slab HappyTR O/S11/Aug/10Porth-y-Ffynnon
Grab the SlabTR O/S11/Aug/10Porth-y-Ffynnon
Deception CrackTR O/S25/Jun/09Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Wilfred PricklesTR O/S25/Jun/09Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Fakir's Crack2nd O/S25/Jun/09Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Fakir's Groove2nd O/S25/Jun/09Kyloe Crag (Kyloe Out)
Ribstone CrackLead O/S02/Apr/09Peel crag
Crackstone RibLead O/S02/Apr/09Peel crag
Sunset2nd O/S???/2009Peel crag
Ulysses2nd O/S???/2009Peel crag
Easy Crack2nd O/S???/2009Peel crag
Central Crack2nd dog17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
Birch Tree Wall2nd O/S17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
Rough Wall2nd O/S17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
Great Slab2nd O/S17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
President's Progress2nd O/S17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
Cracked Corner2nd O/S17/Sep/08Brimham Rocks
Route One2nd O/S27/Aug/08Peel crag
Chockstone ChimneyLead O/S27/Aug/08Peel crag
Innominate Crack2nd O/S21/May/08Simonside North Face
Delicatessen2nd O/S21/May/08Simonside North Face
Great Chimney2nd O/S21/May/08Simonside North Face
Vibram Wall2nd dog21/May/08Simonside North Face
'A' Buttress Left-handLead O/S21/May/08Simonside North Face
Hadrian's Buttress2nd O/S08/Aug/07Crag Lough
Ash Tree Wall2nd O/S08/Aug/07Crag Lough