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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Heart of the Desert5.10c - 15/Oct/14Arches National Park - Park...
Owl Rock5.8 ***- 15/Oct/14Arches National Park - Owl...
The Drainpipe5.10a - 15/Oct/14Indian Creek
The Thing5.10b - 15/Oct/14Indian Creek
Steel Your Face5.10a ***- 11/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Walk on the Wildside5.10a ***- 11/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Jacob's Ladder5.10d - 11/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Potstash5.9 **- 11/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Kor Ingalls Route5.9 ***- 10/Oct/14Castle Valley - Castleton...
Fistful of Potash5.10b ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Astro Lad5.11a ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Bad Moki Roof5.9 - 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Flakes of Wrath5.9 ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Flakes of Wrath Direct5.11b - 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Frogs of a Feather5.10c - 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Shoot up or Shut Up5.11b ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Visible Panty Line5.10a - 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Pounding the Frog5.10b ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
30 Seconds of Potash5.8 **- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Lucy in the Sky with Potash5.10a - 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Nervous in Suburbia5.10a ***- 09/Oct/14Wall Street - Wall Street
Migrane5.12a - 07/Oct/14Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags
The Headache5.10b ***- 07/Oct/14Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags
Boring Crack5.10b ***- 07/Oct/14Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags
Shune's Buttress5.11c - 07/Oct/14Red Arch Mountain
Iron Messiah5.10c **- 05/Oct/14The Spearhead
Made to be Broken5.10c - 04/Oct/14Carbuncle Buttress
Just Another Jam5.8 - 04/Oct/14Carbuncle Buttress
Handy Route5.9 - 04/Oct/14Carbuncle Buttress
Ashtar Command5.9 ***- 02/Oct/14Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags
Feeling Minnesota5.8 *- 02/Oct/14Pine Creek Canyon Tunnel Crags
Nutcracker5.8 ***- 30/Sep/14Manure Pile Buttress
East Buttress5.10b **- 30/Sep/14El Capitan - Southeast Face
Drop Zone5.8 ***- 28/Sep/14Clark Canyon
Bodhisattva5.7 ***- 28/Sep/14Clark Canyon
Wild Will's Arete5.8 ***- 28/Sep/14Clark Canyon
Cholito5.10a ***- 28/Sep/14Clark Canyon
Puppy Crack5.6 *- 27/Sep/14Puppy Dome
Battle of the Bulge5.8 r **- 27/Sep/14Puppy Dome
Left Water Crack5.7 **- 26/Sep/14Lembert Dome - West Face
Great White Book5.6 ***- 26/Sep/14Stately Pleasure Dome
Zee Tree5.7 ***- 26/Sep/14Pywiack Dome
Regular route5.9 ***- 25/Sep/14Fairview Dome
Truck n' Drive5.9 **- 25/Sep/14Lembert Dome - West Face
Uncle Fanny5.7 **- 24/Sep/14Church Bowl
Church Bowl Lieback5.8 - 24/Sep/14Church Bowl
Bishop's Terrace5.8 ***- 24/Sep/14Church Bowl
Pole Position5.10a *- 24/Sep/14Church Bowl
Church Bowl Terrace5.8 **- 24/Sep/14Church Bowl
Regular Route5.9 **- 23/Sep/14Reed's Pinnacle Area
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