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NameStyleDate Crag name
Grey WarblerLead22/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Romancing The StoneLead22/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Sacred ForestLead21/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Temples Of StoneLead21/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Yoghurt On Yer TackleLead18/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Up Against the Wall M.F.Lead18/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Ruby TuesdayLead O/S18/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Hair on a G-StringLead18/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Some Like it HotLead18/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Lucy in the Sky with Prismatic Rain DropsLead11/Nov/08Paynes Ford
WooshLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
HummingbirdLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Hi, Big BoyLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Something WickedLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Sweet JaneLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
Tales From The SeaLead07/Nov/08Pohara, Sandhills Creek areas
BlobbetLead06/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Good Bye Cream-PooftersLead06/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Ecological ItchLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Damsel in Dis-dressLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
DoolittleLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
WrinkleLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
Jerry GarciaLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
The Wrong TrousersLead05/Nov/08Paynes Ford
E-Grade get a real grading systemLead O/S15/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Al FrescoLead15/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Love HandlesLead15/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Spiny NormanLead14/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Teenage MutantLead14/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
PyromaniaLead14/Oct/08Froggatt Edge (New Zealand)
Jellyfish Tickler2nd20/Jul/08Box Bay
Palm Pain2nd20/Jul/08Box Bay
Chairman MaoLead20/Jul/08Box Bay
Jack's Noisy SquealingLead20/Jul/08Box Bay
L'YLead??/Jun/08Les Gaillands
Le toit (Echelle Area)Lead??/Jun/08Les Gaillands
Le Fil à PlombAltLd??/Jun/08Servoz
La plaque rougeLead??/Jun/08Les Gaillands
La FrancoLead??/Jun/08Les Gaillands
3 (Forestiers Right)Lead??/Jun/08Les Gaillands
L'eau d'Issey de Chantal2nd10/Sep/07Coupeau
Petit Béru2nd10/Sep/07Coupeau
Burning and LootingTR10/Sep/07Coupeau
La D2nd09/Sep/07Les Gaillands
13 (Forestiers Left)2nd09/Sep/07Les Gaillands
2 (Forestiers Right)2nd09/Sep/07Les Gaillands
La Michoquo2nd09/Sep/07Les Gaillands
La Zig sans Zag2nd03/Sep/07Les Gaillands
La Zig-Zag2nd03/Sep/07Les Gaillands
Finies les vacances2nd02/Sep/07Les Gaillands
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