143 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Banana Finger Directf6C **Sent x14/Oct/12Burbage North
Banana Reversef7A Sent x14/Oct/12Burbage North
Early DoorsV7 6b ***Sent β03/Oct/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent x03/Oct/12Curbar Edge
Dunkley's EliminateVS 4c **Lead O/S09/Sep/12Burbage South Quarries
HadesHVS 5b **Lead O/S09/Sep/12Burbage South Quarries
Brooks' CrackHVS 5a ***Lead O/S09/Sep/12Burbage South Edge
UndertowV3 **Sent O/S24/Apr/12Manx Boulders
The Boxer ProblemV2 *Sent O/S24/Apr/12Manx Boulders
Shocked QuartzV0 *Sent O/S22/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
Caveman FinishV3 Sent O/S22/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
Knuckle CrackerV0- *Sent x22/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
FlingVB Sent x22/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
Weenie ArÍteV0+ Sent x21/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
Weenie Roast RightV3 ***Sent x21/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
HostessV0 Sent x20/Apr/12Hidden Valley Campground
UndertowV3 **Sent O/S???/2012Manx Boulders
ErbE2 5c **Lead rpt26/Mar/11Millstone Edge
Charlie's CrackHVS 5b *Lead O/S24/Mar/11Burbage South Edge
Life AssuranceE6 6b *TR rpt24/Mar/11Burbage South Edge
Tower CrackHVS 5a *Lead O/S24/Mar/11Burbage South Edge
Remergence Startf6B Sent x23/Mar/11Burbage North
EliminatorHVS 5b **Lead O/S21/Mar/11Stanage Popular
CensorE3 5c ***2nd dog21/Mar/11Stanage Popular
AngstE3 5c **Lead O/S20/Mar/11Rivelin Edge
Great North RoadHVS 5a ***Lead O/S19/Mar/11Millstone Edge
Alexis Zorbas7a+ **Lead rpt24/Oct/10Spartacus
Totenhansel7a ***Lead O/S23/Oct/10The Ghost Kitchen
Uncle Ernie6b+ *Lead O/S22/Oct/10Panorama
Lothar la7a **Lead O/S22/Oct/10Panorama
Lothar scie6b+ *Lead O/S22/Oct/10Panorama
Trella7a ***Lead rpt21/Oct/10Grande Grotta
Lucky Luka7b *Lead rpt20/Oct/10Odyssey
Island in the Sun7a+ ***Lead rpt19/Oct/10Odyssey
Caly-pige6c+ **Lead O/S18/Oct/10Grande Grotta
Taz6c **Lead O/S18/Oct/10Grande Grotta
Globus6c+ **Lead O/S16/Oct/10The Ghost Kitchen
Joy in the Garden6a+ ***Lead O/S16/Oct/10The Ghost Kitchen
Resista6c+ ***Lead O/S16/Oct/10The Ghost Kitchen
El Choco Loco6b+ ***Lead O/S15/Oct/10Sikati Cave
Thetis6b ***Lead O/S15/Oct/10Arhi
Mythos6b+ **Lead O/S14/Oct/10Odyssey
Feta6c **Lead O/S14/Oct/10Odyssey
Kerveros7a ***Lead rpt12/Oct/10Spartacus
Les Amazones6c ***Lead O/S12/Oct/10Spartacus
Harakiri6b+ ***Lead O/S12/Oct/10Spartacus
Astree6b ***Lead O/S12/Oct/10Spartacus
Beautiful Helen6a+ ***Lead O/S10/Oct/10Iliada
Nestoras7a ***Lead rpt10/Oct/10Iliada
Ektor6c ***Lead O/S10/Oct/10Iliada