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Logbook for cayteye

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Snow White7a **TR RP 20/Oct/14Snow White
Cinders6a+ *Lead O/S 20/Oct/14Snow White
Cat5c **Lead O/S 20/Oct/14Snow White
Sneezy4c *Lead O/S 20/Oct/14Snow White
GomorraWI3 **2nd O/SAndy Owen27/Jan/14Valle di Ollomont
Grumpy6a+ *Lead O/SDave Talbot17/Oct/13Snow White
Happy5c **Lead O/SDave Talbot17/Oct/13Snow White
Ammohostos Vasilevousa6a ***Lead O/SDave Talbot16/Oct/13Summertime
Orea Dana6a+ **Lead O/SDave Talbot16/Oct/13Summertime
Maccabi6b+ **Lead dogDave Talbot16/Oct/13Summertime
Ymer6b **Lead βalex messenger15/Oct/13Secret Garden
Atena6b ***Lead RPGus Hudgins14/Oct/13Odyssey
Nausicaa Nausicaa6a+ **Lead dnfalex messenger14/Oct/13Odyssey
Joggel & Toggel6c+ **Lead dogGaz parry11/Oct/13Panorama
K447a **TR dogGaz parry10/Oct/13Galatiani
Penelope6a+ **Lead O/SGaz parry09/Oct/13Odyssey
Poly Retsina No Good6a+ *LeadGaz parry09/Oct/13Odyssey
Morfeas6b *TR dogDavid simmonite, Gaz parry09/Oct/13Odyssey
Odisseo6a+ *Lead RPDavid simmonite09/Oct/13Odyssey
Cartier6a *Lead O/SDavid simmonite08/Oct/13Saint Photis
Vikos6b+ *TRDavid simmonite08/Oct/13Saint Photis
Primo6b *TR O/SDavid simmonite08/Oct/13Saint Photis
Kalenka5c *Lead dogDavid simmonite08/Oct/13Saint Photis
Optasia5a **Lead O/SGaz parry05/Oct/13Arhi
Minotauro5c **Lead O/SGaz parry05/Oct/13Arhi
Orione6a **Lead O/SGaz parry05/Oct/13Arhi
Killian6a+ **Lead dogGaz parry05/Oct/13Arhi
Monahiki Elia6a+ ***Lead O/SGaz parry04/Oct/13Grande Grotta
Carpe diem6a+ ***Lead RPGaz parry04/Oct/13Panorama
Nonno ringo5c *Lead O/SGaz parry04/Oct/13Afternoon
L'amico Ralph5c *Lead O/SGaz parry04/Oct/13Afternoon
Blu6a *Lead O/SGaz parry04/Oct/13Afternoon
Monahiki Elia6a+ ***Lead O/SGaz parry04/Oct/13Grande Grotta
Green GutHS 4a ***Lead O/SPaul Highams21/Sep/13Froggatt Edge
Cacao Girls6a+ AltLd 13/Jun/13Barberine Gietroz
Ricounet7a ***TR βstephen pearson23/Oct/12Secret Garden
Remetzo6c **Lead dog 23/Oct/12Secret Garden
Melodrama6c+ ***TR dogstephen pearson22/Oct/12Secret Garden
Ikariotikos7b **TR dogstephen pearson22/Oct/12Secret Garden
Remetzo6c **TR O/S 22/Oct/12Secret Garden
The White Rose6a **Lead O/Sstephen pearson21/Oct/12Irox
Sole Fish6a+ **TR RPstephen pearson21/Oct/12Irox
Magma6b+ ***TR dogstephen pearson21/Oct/12Irox
Helvet-X7a **TR dogstephen pearson21/Oct/12Irox
Kyprios Angel7a ***TR dogstephen pearson21/Oct/12Irox
Calipso7a **TR dogstephen pearson20/Oct/12Odyssey
Itaca7a **TR dogstephen pearson20/Oct/12Odyssey
Ciao Vecio6c **TR dogstephen pearson20/Oct/12Odyssey
Climber's Nest6a **Lead O/Sstephen pearson19/Oct/12Symblegades Petres
Homo sapiens6c ***TR βstephen pearson19/Oct/12Symblegades Petres
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