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NameStyleDate Crag name
Fighting TorqueLead RP26/Jul/11The Cuttings
SeamstressLead O/S??/May/11Serengeti
Heading the ShotLead RP??/May/11Serengeti
Wolfgang ForeverLead O/S??/Apr/11Blacknor North
Mindmeld-???/2011The Cuttings
Dumbfounded-???/2011The Cuttings
Evening Mistress-???/2011The Cuttings
Hall of MirrorsLead RP???/2011The Cuttings
New Saladin-???/2011The Cuttings
Consommé-???/2011The Cuttings
Haute Cuisine-???/2011The Cuttings
The Mouth Waters-???/2011The Cuttings
Two Fingers-???/2011The Cuttings
Three Fingers-???/2011The Cuttings
Bob Hunkhouse-???/2011The Cuttings
Disobedience Contest-???/2011The Cuttings
Live by the SwordLead O/S???/2011The Cuttings
Another Notch in the Gun-???/2011The Cuttings
Shiver Me Timbers-???/2011The Cuttings
Into the Sun-???/2011Blacknor Central
Bring on the Night-???/2011Blacknor Central
Does Trunky Want a Bun?-???/2011Blacknor Central
Monsoon Malabar-???/2011Blacknor Central
Pregnant Pause-???/2011Blacknor Central
Valerian-???/2011Blacknor Central
Viper's Tale-???/2011Blacknor Central
Cybernetic Orchard-???/2011Blacknor Central
Portland Heights-???/2011Blacknor Central
Cocteau Phenomena-???/2011Blacknor Central
Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns-???/2011Blacknor Central
The Shells, The Shells-???/2011Blacknor Central
Driven Like the Snow-???/2011Blacknor Central
Return to Roissy-???/2011Blacknor Central
Last Rose of Summer-???/2011Blacknor Central
Through the Barricades-???/2011Blacknor Central
Babelicious Redhead-???/2011Blacknor Central
Chasing the Sun-???/2011Blacknor Central
The Chronicles of VladimirLead O/S???/2011Blacknor Central
La DemandeAltLd??/Oct/10Gorges du Verdon
Dolce VitaLead O/S??/Sep/10Gorges du Verdon
El Gringo LocoLead O/S??/Sep/10Gorges du Verdon
Wide is LoveLead O/S??/Sep/10Gorges du Verdon
Les Dalles GrisesLead O/S??/Sep/10Gorges du Verdon
ChlorochoseLead O/S??/Sep/10Gorges du Verdon
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the Team-???/2010The Cuttings
Perihelion-???/2010The Cuttings
The CharlestonLead dnf25/Apr/09Limekilns
Grasp the NettleLead O/S??/Apr/09Limekilns
Flying Peach-???/2009The Cuttings
Grapefruit takes a Whipper-???/2009The Cuttings