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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Great PeterE1 5b **2nd dog26/Oct/14Lawrencefield
MeringueHVS 5a *2nd26/Oct/14Lawrencefield
Three Tree ClimbHS 4b ***Lead26/Oct/14Lawrencefield
Ant's WallHS 4a *Lead19/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's AreteHS 4a *2nd19/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's CrackS 4a *Lead19/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
LatecomerHS 4b *Lead19/Oct/14Yarncliffe Quarry
Dover's ProgressHVS 5a 2nd12/Oct/14Burbage North
Green CrackVD *Lead12/Oct/14Burbage North
Still OrangeS 4a *Lead12/Oct/14Burbage North
Knight's MoveHVS 5a ***2nd12/Oct/14Burbage North
Fairy Castle CrackVD *Lead13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Central TrinityVS 4c ***2nd13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Mississippi Buttress DirectVS 4c ***2nd13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Boot CrackVD *2nd13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Balcony ButtressS 4a ***Lead13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Right-hand TrinityS 4a **2nd13/Sep/14Stanage Popular
Spiral StairsD ***2nd22/Sep/13Dinas Cromlech
Flying ButtressVD ***AltLd22/Sep/13Dinas Cromlech
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***2nd21/Sep/13Tryfan (East Face)
Tennis ShoeHS 4b **2nd23/Sep/12Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Kirkus's RouteVS 4c **2nd22/Sep/12Craig Yr Ogof (Cwm Silyn)
Outside Edge RouteVD ***2nd22/Sep/12Craig Yr Ogof (Cwm Silyn)
Horatio's DirectVS 4c *2nd09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle WallVS 4c *2nd09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
Gun-Cotton GrooveVD *Lead09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
Cannonball WallVD Lead09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
Nelson's NemesisVS 4b ***2nd09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle CrackS 4b **Lead09/Sep/12Birchen Edge
The CoignHS 4b **2nd02/Sep/12Stanage Plantation
Wall End SlabVS 5a **2nd02/Sep/12Stanage Plantation
Hot SpurHS 4b *2nd02/Sep/12Stanage Plantation
Fairy StepsVS 4a **2nd02/Sep/12Stanage Plantation
David's ChimneyVD *2nd17/Mar/12Rivelin Edge
Jonad RibVS 4c 2nd17/Mar/12Rivelin Edge
Croton OilHVS 5a ***2nd17/Mar/12Rivelin Edge
Latrine5a 2nd25/Feb/12Horseshoe Quarry
Shanks6a 2nd25/Feb/12Horseshoe Quarry
Black Slab RightD *Lead22/Oct/11Wharncliffe Crags
Black Slab CentreHD *Lead22/Oct/11Wharncliffe Crags
Beta CrackS 4a **2nd22/Oct/11Wharncliffe Crags
Tower FaceHS 4b ***2nd22/Oct/11Wharncliffe Crags
Alpha CrackM *2nd22/Oct/11Wharncliffe Crags
Green24c 2nd11/Aug/11Croz De Le Niere - Preore
La Volpe4c 2nd11/Aug/11Croz De Le Niere - Preore
Green5a 2nd11/Aug/11Croz De Le Niere - Preore
Bow-Shaped SlabHS 4a ***2nd26/Jun/11Flimston Bay
ArmoricanVS 4c **2nd26/Jun/11Craig Caerfai
Cracked WallVS 4c 2nd25/Jun/11Porth-y-Ffynnon
The CrackVD *2nd25/Jun/11Porth-y-Ffynnon