32 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
CB low start - Lip ServiceV8+ **-02/May/11Parisella's Cave
Panty's Downf7A+ *-18/Aug/10Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Parisella's OriginalV6 **-17/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Bust LipV7 **-17/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
CB low start - Beaver RHV8 **-12/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Clever cleaver - crouch startV8+ **-12/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Beaver CleaverV8 **-10/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Lip ServiceV7 **-05/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Dust KickV6 *-05/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Shot Hole StartV7 **-05/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
The Pillar StartV6 **-05/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Clever Cleaver - Stand StartV7 *-03/Aug/10Parisella's Cave
Beaver Right HandV5 **-27/Jul/10Parisella's Cave
The Flake StartV7 **-25/Jul/10Parisella's Cave
Beaver RH - standV4 **-25/Jul/10Parisella's Cave
Clever Beaver SSV8+ **-17/Jul/10Parisella's Cave
Left Wall TraverseV8 ***-11/Jul/10Parisella's Cave
CB Low start - Lipstick RHV7 *-17/Jun/10Parisella's Cave
CB low start - LipstickV8 **-17/Jun/10Parisella's Cave
RWT - Lipstick righthandV6 *-17/Jun/10Parisella's Cave
CB low start - RWTV7 *-15/Jun/10Parisella's Cave
RWT - LipstickV7 *-15/Jun/10Parisella's Cave
FirestarterV6 **-14/Jun/10Pantymwyn (Devil's Gorge)
Right Wall TraverseV6 **-20/Mar/10Parisella's Cave
Left Wall Traverse (horizontal shothole start)V6 *-04/Mar/10Parisella's Cave
Cave RighthandV4 **-12/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
Lipstick RighthandV5 *-12/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
LipstickV6 **-12/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
Pillar Start (Low)V5 *-12/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
Clever BeaverV7 *-12/Feb/10Parisella's Cave
Cave Righthand RHV5 *-???/2010Parisella's Cave
RWT - Beaver RHV6 *-???/2010Parisella's Cave