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Logbook for Mark A Humphries

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Little Gully Right Left BranchIII **Solo O/Sgary wood11/Jan/10Pavey Ark
Central GullyI/II Solo O/S 03/Feb/09Brown Cove Crags
Left ButtressII Solo O/S 03/Feb/09Brown Cove Crags
V-CornerIII **Solo O/S 03/Feb/09Helvellyn - Red Tarn Cove
Baxter's Wallf6A+ *Sent x 01/Feb/09Wimberry Rocks
Local Herof6B+ **Sent x 01/Feb/09Wimberry Rocks
Artificial Routef4+ *Sent x 01/Feb/09Wimberry Rocks
Baxters Wall Directf5+ *Sent x 01/Feb/09Wimberry Rocks
The Jack Flap6b Lead RPJason26/Jan/09Trollers Gill
No Way is Patience a Virtue6b *Lead βJason20/Jan/09Horseshoe Quarry
O Brother Where Art Thou?6a Lead βJason20/Jan/09Horseshoe Quarry
Mr. Blue Sky7a Lead RPJason20/Jan/09Horseshoe Quarry
Sir Pryze6a+ *Lead O/SJason20/Jan/09Horseshoe Quarry
Rifted VictimV0 5b Sent O/S 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Naked LunchV0- 4c Sent O/S 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Black JakeV0 5b Sent O/S 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Added IncentiveV1 5c Sent O/S 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Muddy Wobbly BlockV0 5a Sent O/S 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Bomb SquadV3 6a *Sent x 27/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Fellsman Revisited6b+ *Lead βJason10/Dec/08Giggleswick North
Ben Hur6a **Lead βJason10/Dec/08Giggleswick North
Retro Killer6b+ *Lead RPJason10/Dec/08Giggleswick North
EscalatorV0- 4b Sent O/S 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Snail TrailV0- 4c Sent O/S 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Paul Pritchard's JacketV0 5a Sent O/S 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Stoning a LeperV0 5b *Sent O/S 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Thirty Feet of PainV5 6b *Sent x 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Like a Slug but SucksV5 6b *Sent x 01/Dec/08Craig y Longridge
Collared6a Lead O/SJason28/Nov/08Horseshoe Quarry
Due Care and Attention6a+ *Lead O/SJason28/Nov/08Horseshoe Quarry
Poisonality7a *Lead RPJason28/Nov/08Horseshoe Quarry
Flights of Fancy7a+ **Lead RPJason24/Nov/08Giggleswick North
Pole Dancing6c+ **Lead βJason24/Nov/08Giggleswick North
The Craftsman6b+ **Lead βJason24/Nov/08Giggleswick North
Debbie Direct6b **Lead βJason24/Nov/08Giggleswick North
Nagasaki Grooves II6b Lead O/SJason22/Nov/08Harpur Hill Quarry
Geisha Grooves6a Lead O/SJason22/Nov/08Harpur Hill Quarry
Setting Sons6a Lead O/SJason22/Nov/08Harpur Hill Quarry
Cabin Fever6b Lead O/SJason22/Nov/08Harpur Hill Quarry
Sumo7a *Lead RPJason22/Nov/08Harpur Hill Quarry
The Ultimate Gritstone ExperienceV5 6b Sent x 20/Nov/08Curbar Edge
Burning RoadV6 Sent x 05/Nov/08Breck Road Area
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***Lead O/STom29/Oct/08Stanage High Neb
SwingsideHVS 5b *Lead O/SJoe16/Oct/08Malham Cove
Mellow YellowHVS 5b ***Lead O/Sgary wood09/Oct/08Attermire Scar
Sir LoinE1 5c **Lead O/SJoe08/Oct/08Giggleswick South
Slap and GiggleE1 5b *Lead O/SJoe08/Oct/08Giggleswick South
Mutton DaggerE3 5c ***Lead O/SJoe08/Oct/08Giggleswick South
AlisonE1 5b **Lead O/STerry Robinson24/Sep/08Dinbren Crags
The Royal ArchE3 6a **Lead O/STerry Robinson24/Sep/08Dinbren Crags
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