40 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
North Face of the Eiger5c Lead O/S12/Jun/11Kirrie Hill
Awe!6a+ **Lead12/Jun/11Kirrie Hill
Spirits Drifting6a+ Lead O/S12/Jun/11Kirrie Hill
The Enemy WithinHVS 5b **Lead dog12/Sep/10Boltsheugh
Mo6a+ Lead O/S12/Sep/10Boltsheugh
Eany5c Lead O/S12/Sep/10Boltsheugh
The Enemy WithinHVS 5b **TR O/S21/Jul/10Boltsheugh
Traffic Light AreteS 4a TR O/S21/Jul/10Boltsheugh
Meaney5c Lead O/S21/Jul/10Boltsheugh
Winter SolsticeV0 Sent13/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Andy's TraverseV0+ Sent13/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
BruceV0- Sent11/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
SheilaV1 Sent11/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Soul BrotherV0 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Daddy CoolV0 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Wicked SisterV2 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Sonny JimV0+ Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Baby FaceV1 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
MinimantelV0- Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
The NeukV2 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Slow Patrol TraverseV2 Sent07/Jul/10Muchalls Shore
Awe!6a+ **Lead O/S03/Jul/10Kirrie Hill
The Zoo6a+ Lead O/S03/Jul/10Kirrie Hill
Benny's Black Streak5c Lead O/S15/May/10Benny Beg
Ally's in Wonderland3+ Lead O/S15/May/10Benny Beg
The Beg Issue4a Lead O/S15/May/10Benny Beg
Fat Boy Slims4c Lead O/S02/May/10Kirrie Hill
La Plage4a Lead O/S02/May/10Kirrie Hill
Paws for Thought6b TR O/S24/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Dogmatic6a+ Lead O/S24/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Dubh be Dubh6a+ Lead dog24/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Crocodile Corner5c Lead O/S10/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
The Hill has Eyes5a Lead O/S10/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Badly Overdrawn Boy6a+ Lead O/S10/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Hill Billies3+ Lead O/S02/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Spent6a Lead O/S02/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Kirrie on Regardless3+ Lead O/S02/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Screwless3 Lead O/S02/Apr/10Kirrie Hill
Becalmed4c Lead O/S27/Mar/10Kirrie Hill
Mushroom Heads5c Lead O/S27/Mar/10Kirrie Hill